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Head Wrap Chronicles | I Got Goals!

Now that I am enjoying headwrapping so much, I decided to call it my head wrap chronicles just to stay on track with my long-term healthy hair care goals. Also,? it has been several months since I?ve made the commitment to cover my head and I?haven’t stopped yet! This is so exciting for me plus I am loving every bit of it! Lately,?I’ve been so focused on covering my hair with beautiful fabric. I don’t have the desire to style or wear my hair out in public!?

The Beginning

At first, I thought that I will only be wrapping my hair 70% of the time.? Where my hair will be styled and seen by the public a few times a month. Now that as change! I rather have my hair covered in cloth than wear it out at all! If I do wear it out in public it will be when I want to change my look up a bit or on special occasions. This is why I decided to change how I style my hair.


Changing how I style my hair

Well, mini twists have been my go-to style for some time now but retwisting takes a lot of time to do and commitment to maintain. Although mini twists are very versatile?and a perfect hairstyle if your hair is exposed to the elements. Also, since I do?not wear my hair out often.? I decided to change from mini twists to chunky twists which will consist of 10 to 20 twists pulled back into a ponytail or a bun. Now my entire hair will be covered with a scarf or fabric. This will make hairstyling and maintenance quick and easy. Until I can simplify a full regimen that will full simplify the maintenance?of mini twists for the long-term.?

Also, I will be documenting my everyday hair care routine since am focusing on total hair health. This will be a part of the 2019 Hair Challenge and I will be including hair care tutorials on future blog posts.

Adding more headwrap tutorials and Building my headscarf collection.

Head Wrap Chronicles and all about experimenting with different head wrap styles that I am excited to share in future videos.? Including building a great head wrap collection which is?perfect for beginners or those who have an interest in headwrapping.?

Oh, this is only the beginning! I have so much information I want to share!

Let the Head Wrap Chronicles Begin!



headwrap chronicles

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