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No More?Nail Biting? Challenge | 3 Months To Longer Nails

After over 30 years of nail biting, I decided to a no more nail biting challenge that will last for a total of 3 months. The purpose of the challenge is to encourage healthy stronger nail long-term growth. Why grow nails that I will eventually bite off.

First I had to become inspired and developed a method that will keep my fingers out of my mouth. No, it?s not a bite no more nail polish or false acrylic nails. These are temporary fixes and will only last for a short term. For a matter of fact, I tried them on many occasions and failed miserably. They did not cure me from biting my nails. However, I came up with a different method and it?s working! After 2 weeks I haven?t bitten my nails once. Therefore, I am sharing my method with you!

Why the bite no more nail polish and false acrylic nails don?t work?

The purpose of the bite no more polish is to prevent biting of the nails by producing an unpleasant taste to the polish. The issue is if you are a habitual nail biter it doesn?t work effectively long-term. The moment you stop applying the nail polish you repeat the nail biting habit all over again.

Therefore, acrylic nails seem like a better option since they give the illusion on longer fingernails. They will protect the nails so they will grow longer. That?s what I thought. I have very short thin nails which lead to a weak spot on the acrylic nails. This is the reason why acrylic nails always broke. I could not go a full week without several of them breaking. May I remind you that I have thin nails. With the constant filing of my nail beds which is needed so the false nail can easily attach to the natural nail. My fingernails became very weak and began to split. I would have to regrow my nails and start all over again.


The Easy Remedy To Put An End To Nail Biting.

First of all, I needed some sort of inspiration that will stop my habitual nail biting. I needed a daily reminder of what my nails will like once I stop biting them. That is when I began seeking images of women with long natural beautiful nails. I needed a reminder that one day my nails will be just as long and beautiful if a just stop biting them. Therefore, I added a few pictures of women with natural long fingernails to my Pinterest board so I will always have that reminder in my inbox.

Figure Out The Cause Of Nail Biting.

Next, I realized that biting my nails is very soothing and calming to me. For some people, its food but for being it is nail biting. Surely, I needed to replace that soothing sensation with something else. That replacement is a hand massage. Applying an oil such as olive oil to my nails and hands and messaging it in. Oils soften and with repeated use improves the overall appearance of the nails and hands. ?The perfect remedy to nail biting and one step towards longer nails. This is the primary reason I created the Nail Biting No More Challenge.?

Another possible reason for nail biting is rigid jagged fingernails. A quick fix can be done with a fingernail file. Now, the next time you touch your nails they will be nice and smooth. Even the appearance will be a little more pleasant to look at.

A Weekly Manicure Is Definitely Needed

In fact, a weekly manicure will remind you that is getting closer to the longer, stronger, beautiful nails you?ve always wanted. Start by arming yourself with a few tools just to get started. Manicure Sets Here

Follow A Routine To End Nail Biting.

In order to end nail biting you have to create an easy to follow a routine. Here are the steps to get started.

  1. Visualize longer beautiful nails. Pinterest is a good place to start. Create your Pinterest board.
  2. Figure out to cause of your nail biting habit and create a remedy for it. A great remedy is to give yourself a hand massage. The soothing sensation of a hand massage will aid in keeping your fingers out of your mouth. Do this 2 to 3 times a day with your favorite oil. Beginning with morning, midday, and before you go to sleep.
  3. Keep a fingernail file handy and nails clean. File your nails especially if they feel rigid and jagged. Having clean fingernails will keep your focus on your goal.
  4. Give yourself a weekly manicure. This will become your weekly reminder that you are on your way to having long beautiful fingernails. For this reason, you want your nails to be in the best shape possible.

If you are a habitual nail biter or seeking to go from short to longer nails.? Join this Nail Biting No More Challenge Today!

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