What is a headwrap

What Is A Headwrap?

So, what is a headwrap? A headwrap also known as a turban is a piece of fabric that is worn to completely cover the hair. Fabrics such as scarves of many lengths and sizes can be arranged to adorn the hair in many different styles. The art of head wrapping originated in sub-Saharan Africa. However, ?it is not specific to one cultural group. Men and women also wear turban headwraps for different religious beliefs.

What is a headwrap

An Accessory For The Hair

Headwraps has been around for many years and there is a long cultural ?or societal history behind them. But today, head wrapping is more of an accessory for the hair. Most of all, they are more than just for bad hair days. They protect our hair from the elements. Giving a chance for our hair to grow healthy and thrive. ?In this case, it is considered as the ultimate alternative to protective hairstyling.?Furthermore, headwraps can be dressed up or down. Also, stylized with an array of ?jewelry, pins and ornaments.

The history of headwraps

Celebrating The Future Of Headwrapping!

Headwraps had its past starting from Africa where it signified a woman?s age, marital status and wealth. To the United States where it was a badge of enslavement. But today, lets celebrate headwrapping as a standard of pride and beauty!

What is a Headwrap

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