Natural Hair Goals 2021

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since my last post. I am setting 2021 natural hair goals and I haven’t forgotten about you all. I just had a lot going on over the past several months. I am doing well so is my family. Starting with trying different things with my hair so that it can grow healthy and strong.  Furthermore, I purchased a stockpile of headwraps to protect my hair from the environment and as an accent piece to my wardrobe. 

2021 natural hair goals will be an exciting experience, especially since I decided to take an alternative hair care approach. 

My Natural Hair Goals For 2021


My 2021 natural hair goals and regimen will be different from before. 

Most products I’ve been using come from a minimalistic point of view. Mostly, oils, butters, hair grease, and conditioners. Yes, you heard me right. I said hair grease, and my hair loves it! I have been using a wide range of herbs to moisturize and strengthen my hair, including Ayurveda. I am still using henna to strengthen and color my hair. I realized that henna should be applied to clean product-free hair (meaning product buildup removed). By having clean hair, henna can condition by reinforcing your hair cuticles, preventing splitting hairs and breakage. Therefore I will continue to use henna to avoid breakage and for moisture retention.

I even colored my hair with hair dye. 

I colored my hair a few months ago as an experiment and decided to transition back to henna. Currently, my hairline is visibly red. Over time I will see the total look of my hair as the dye grows out As a part of my 2021 natural hair goals, I will be putting a lot of energy into henna and ayurvedic herbs this year! My focus will be on maintaining healthy, soft, breakage-free hair by using henna appropriately.

I will dye my new growth with henna once every three months. Also, I will apply henna to my greying hairline monthly until my next touchup. Furthermore, I have been exploring the usage of cassia obovata and other herbs to strengthen and moisturize my hair. I will share more details in a future post. 

Mixing Henna For Intense Read Color

I also decided to focus on one full year of finger detangling my hair, which means very little combs usage. 

I have pencil-sized curls smaller at the crown of my hair and hang loosely at the back and sides of my head. Because of this, my hair is very fragile. Separating curly hair with a comb will cause frizz, which can lead to matting and knotting. Overall, this means breakage can occur. To remedy this, finger detangling is the key to healthy hair growth for curly and afro hair types. Finger detangling will direct the hairs to flow in the same direction. As a result, you can feel tangles and separate every knot. Moreover, your curls will become more uniform over time. Besides, curls like to clump together as a unit.

I am creating a healthy weekly and monthly hair regimen.

As part of my hair regimen, I will be using oils, butters, herbs, henna, conditioners, hair cleansers, and occasional hair grease.

  • I will use the oils, butters, and hair grease for conditioning and moisture retention. 
  • The herbs will be used as a final hair rinse to close my hair’s cuticles and scalp health. 
  • Henna is for color and strengthing my hair.  
  • Conditioners are only for occasionally detangling my hair when washing and will be rinsed out. 
  • Simultaneously, hair cleanser usage will keep the scalp and hair clean, so my hair can flourish and grow. 

Nonetheless, I will wear my hair in a “wash and wear” style, twists, braids, buns, updos, or headwraps. Wrapping my hair in cloth is a part of my protective style. Therefore, Wash and Wear is my primary hairstyle.

My Simple Natural Hair Regimen For 2020

I look forward to sharing the many things I’ve learned over the past year! Furthermore, I can’t wait to show you all my new classy head wrapping and accessories stash!

My 2021 Natural Hair Goal is going to be exciting!

More posts and videos are coming soon!

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