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  • Is Conditioner Necessary For Hair _ Try This Alternative
    Is Conditioner Necessary For Hair?  Well, the answer is no. Using Oils, Butters, And Herbs Can Improve The Total Health Of Your Hair.  Is conditioner necessary for hair? It all depends on what you mean by conditioner. Many products can soften and condition the hair. However, if you are thinking about the type of hair […]
  • MY Effortless Minimalist Hair Care Method
    My Effortless Minimalist Hair Care Method now and going into the future. Today I am sharing my minimalist hair care method, which began with a wash-and-go styling—involving daily washing to infuse moisture into my hair strands. Then follow with mostly oiling my hair and styling in twists and braids. Furthermore, I will cover my hair […]
  • Healthy Holistic Hair Care | My Life Journey
    Healthy Holistic Hair Care – My life journey to grow long, healthy hair using only oils, butters, and herbs. As a part of my holistic hair care goals, I wear my hair in twists to ease maintenance and styling. My second hairstyling option is wearing my hair in braids. I’ve taken a picture of my […]