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Length Check January 2019
Length Check January 2019 Today I am doing a length check January 2019 and showing you all a preview of my greying hair. Just to document the current length, health, and appearance of my hair. Also, to compare it to the end of the year final results. I will continue to do length check updates, document the continue reading
headwrap chronicles
Headwrap Chronicles | I Got Goals! Now that I am enjoying headwrapping so much, I decided to call it my headwrap chronicles just to stay on track with my long-term healthy hair care goals. Also,  it has been several months since I’ve made the commitment to cover my head and I haven't stopped yet! This is so continue reading
Blackstrap Molasses Benefits
Blackstrap Molasses Benefits For Skin & Hair Blackstrap Molasses Benefits the overall health of skin and hair. First, continue reading
blackstrap molasses for grey hair
Blackstrap Molasses for Grey Hair Reversal Blackstrap molasses for grey hair reversal - I decided to go grey continue reading
2019 Hair Challenge
2019 Hair Challenge | For Natural Healthy Hair This 2019 Hair Challenge is going to be exciting continue reading


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