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damaged hair

Damaged Hair | What Causes It?

What is damaged hair? Damaged hair is caused by rough handling, overuse of products, heat styling at too high temperatures, over-processing and more. Physically, damaged


All About Head Wraps

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How To Tie a Headwrap

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  • What are the Different Types of Head Wraps?
    Learn About the Different Types of Head Wraps & How to Wear Them! Types of Head Wraps: Head wraps come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. But what are they? Head wraps are pieces of fabric that are worn around the head. It can be worn to cover the hair, keep the head warm, or […]
  • The Truth About Shampoo For Natural Hair | Try A Better Alternative
    A Better Alternative – Shampoo For Natural Hair Shampoo for natural hair – do we need it to grow healthy hair? The shampoo is a degreasing agent that removes everything from the hair and scalp (sebum and dirt). But, unfortunately, it can also dry out our hair and scalp, causing breakage and less sebum production […]
  • Is Conditioner Necessary For Hair _ Try This Alternative
    Is Conditioner Necessary For Hair?  Well, the answer is no. Using Oils, Butters, And Herbs Can Improve The Total Health Of Your Hair.  Is conditioner necessary for hair? It all depends on what you mean by conditioner. Many products can soften and condition the hair. However, if you are thinking about the type of hair […]

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