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understanding natural hair
Understanding Natural Hair | A Brief Summary Understanding natural hair. Have you ever wondered why hair is frizzy, straight, wavy,  curly continue reading >>
Stylish Head Wrap
Fashionable Stylish Head Wraps with added jewelry I have this fashionable, stylish head wraps that I would love to share! continue reading >>
low bun head wrap
One of a kind low bun head wrap accented with jewelry. A complete head wrap tutorial. This low bun continue reading >>
good hair day
Good Hair Day | How To Get Healthy Natural Hair We all want hair is soft to the touch, have a continue reading >>
6 months length check
My 6 months length check for 2019. So that I can achieve my healthy natural hair growth goals. I am continue reading >>
damaged hair
What is damaged hair? Damaged hair is caused by rough handling, overuse of products, heat styling at too high temperatures, continue reading >>
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