Hair Goals 2019

Hair Goals For 2019 | Change Is Good!

I got new hair goals for 2019 ! Most of all, I am excited about head wrapping and my healthy hair regimen with mini twists. Additionally, I am considering going grey. ?In the past, I’ve used henna and even dyed my hair. Dying my hair was something new I’ve been exploring recently. But the only problem with using hair dye I am concerned about is potentially damaging my hair. Besides, ?I will love to see what my hair will look like all grey by the time I reach age 50. Therefore, instead of waiting until 50 to go grey. Having to cut off all of the previously grown dyed hair. Why not start going grey now!

Mini Twists Regimen and Maintenance Goals

My primary goal for the past month was maintaining moisture within my hair strands. ?Without a doubt, I reached the goal of moisture retention for more than one week! Now I am experimenting with wash and styling my hair in twists. ?Finding the best technique that will minimize frizz while keeping my twist looking good. Therefore I am embracing mini twists as a part of my everyday lifestyle. Soon I will share give more details on the results.

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What’s Wrong With Using Hair Dye?

Whenever you use hair dye in your hair cuticle damage occurs. ?Hair dyes contain chemicals that will weaken the cuticle layers over time. ?Eventually, the weakening of the hair fibers will lead to breakage. Potentially reducing length retention and hindering maximum growth potential. ?Also, commercial hair dye colors will fade after repeat hair washings.

For hair coloring, henna is a great alternative option to hair dye. ?Learn more about henna for hair here and here. Frequent henna (full head) Hair goals for 2019?applications and improper mixing can leave your hair feeling dry and brittle. ???Furthermore, henna will only impart red highlights to dark brown hair. Bleach is the only alternative if you are seeking full red tones. ?Of course, I can henna my hair brown or black. Today it’s all about simplifying my life.?

Going, Grey. Why Now?

Hey, why not? Allowing my hair to grey will be healthier for my hair for the long term. ?As well as, add character to my strands. For many years, the media has betrayed grey hair as a negative sign of aging. Greying hair is a positive sign of maturity and beauty. ??Besides if I intend to retain the length and health of my hair many years from now. The best option is to minimize damage as much as possible. By using products that will be more beneficial to my hair growth. ?Remember less is more!


So, what are your hair goals for 2019?? Going grey, healthy hair or new hairstyle?? Whatever you choose to do, make it exciting and fun!


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