blackstrap molasses for grey hair

Blackstrap Molasses for Grey Hair Reversal

Blackstrap molasses for grey hair reversal – I decided to go grey and embrace my grey roots a while ago until I came across some valuable information that actually changed my mind. It involves blackstrap molasses that promote healthy skin and hair health.

Furthermore, I will be including blackstrap molasses as a part of the hair challenge (here).
Learn why I decided to stop using hair dyes and embrace my natural greying hair (here).

What is blackstrap molasses?

It?s the dark viscous liquid byproduct that is extracted in the third boil of sugar cane production. It has a unique blend of minerals and vitamins that are not normally found in regular cane sugar. Many of these minerals and nutrients are the reason blackstrap molasses is used for hair. It contains high amounts of iron, copper, manganese, calcium, potassium, and magnesium which are all great for healthy hair growth.


Why blackstrap molasses?

As we get older our body slows down the production of melanin that gives us our hair color. Blackstrap molasses contains vitamins and minerals that encourage the production of cell renewal, prevention of hair loss, and nourishes the follicles. Furthermore, high copper levels in blackstrap molasses stimulate melanin production which re-pigment and darken hair. Additionally, blackstrap molasses is high in antioxidants; it thickens hair and stimulates strong hair growth.??In other words, It supports healthy hair growth and reversal of greying hair.

Blackstrap has other benefits such as boosting iron levels for those who are anemic or have an iron deficiency. Moreover, it consists of calcium, magnesium, and zinc which supports skin, muscle and bone health.

How to take blackstrap molasses for grey hair

Begin by taking orally 1 to 2 tablespoons a day for one year. Because this is a natural remedy for grey hair reversal and whole body health. It will take time to see optimal results. Therefore, throughout the year we will be documenting our progress.

Molasses has a low glycemic index which works for anyone who is watching their blood sugar levels are seeking an alternative sweetener. It has a bittersweet taste but is effective as an energy booster. Great for adding to your coffee or tea! To ensure you are getting your daily dosage of blackstrap molasses there are several ways it can be consumed.

  • Add it to a smoothly
  • In coffee or tea as an alternative sweetener
  • To water
  • In oatmeal or breakfast cereal

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Have you used blackstrap molasses for hair or whole body health? Do you plan on trying blackstrap molasses for its health benefits? Also, if you have any questions or concerns share them in the comment section below.

blackstrap molasses for grey hair

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  1. I’ve been using blackstrap molasses to my tea every morning for maybe 2 years now. Most of my friends have more white hair and mine doesn’t seem to be as much. And though I’m going through menopause and hair loss my hair seems thicker than before. My students say I look younger than my 51 years. I’m grateful for it but I’m glad to read about potash in one of your comment replies. I’ll just use molasses. Or organic ones. Thanks again.

  2. Rajwant Kaur says:

    Cancer warning is written on Elisha Plantation bottle, is it right to drink it?

    1. I believe the cancer causing lead has a lot to do with Potash. Potash is the waste from blackstrap molasses. Blackstrap is the very last processing step in processing molasses and is the darkest of all molasses. It is very high in potassium but may have traces of potash. I suggest using basic molasses not the blackstrap or use cane syrup instead. Cane syrup is similar to molasses but sweeter. It comes from the first phase of refining molasses. Steen is a popular brand in Louisiana and is easily purchased online.

    2. Furthermore, countries or places may be growing sugar cane in lead contaminated soil. Two great brand I recommend are the Grandma Molasses and Steen Molasses. Those are primarily the only brands I use. If not I use molasses that are certified organic.

  3. Rajwant Kaur says:

    Hee Elisha Which brand is the uncle of Black Molasses?

    1. Any sulfur free molasses will work.

  4. Alejandro says:

    Would you recommend that too for Vitiligo-induced white hair too +

    1. Sorry, I am not sure if it will help but you can try since molasses contains vitamins and minerals. I will sharing information on using natural herbs for hair to reverse most hair health and growth issues soon.

  5. I’m 44 and I have maybe 50% grey hair. My natural colour is dark brown, almost black.

    I was doing a search online for natural products to reverse my grey as I’m not keen on using dyes because I suffer from eczema.

    So I thought I’d give blackstrap molasses a try. I’m not expecting instant transformation.

    1. That’s great! It can take 6 months or up to a year to begin seeing darkening of greying hair strands.

  6. narain singh says:

    HI Ellisha, I want to consume black strap molasses to control my grey hair , but I am afraid it will spike my blood sugar.

    1. I don’t recommend molasses if you are diabetic or trying to lower your blood sugar level. Also, molasses won’t spike your blood sugar as much compared to refined sugar. Molasses glycemic index is halve of refined sugar. It has great nutritional value.

      Limit or avoid sweets and bleached flour based food products. Eat foods or breads that are high in fiber and made with whole grains. Moreover, drink a lot of water including natural teas. Worries about your blood sugar level will become a thing of the past.

      1. Hi Ellisha . How did you use Mollaseas to reverse grey hair?

        1. I have family and elders who takes and has taken both molasses and dark cane syrup to reverse or maintain dark black hair. They primarily use dark can syrup to sweeten teas, coffee and everyday cooking. Molasses is similar and accessible everywhere compared to cane syrup which is easy to obtain in southern Louisiana.

          Use about a two teaspoons a day in your teas and coffee.

          I started taking molasses and cane syrup in the past but had to stop since I prefer water and non sweetened teas.
          I am no longer using commercial shampoos, conditioners and stylers in my hair. The only products I will be using are oils and various herbs as a part of my daily hair care. I’ve been gathering information on this for over a year.

          I will be sharing information on my website soon on how to reverse greying, thinning hair and promote thick healthy hair growth using Ayurvedic and local herbs. This includes reversing and preventing most hair problems that we have.

    2. My age was just 16 i have white hair what to do

      1. Start with taking two tablespoons of molasses daily, within 6 months you will begin seeing changes with the thickness, health and darkening of your hair strands.

        It all depends on the severity of your greying hairs. If you’re hair is more than fifty percent grey, it can take a year or more to see a change in your color.

  7. I am 30.. and one month ago my hair turns grey. 10% of my hair is grey it will work for me and guide me the Dosage plx. How much it till take time
    Thanks I’m advance

    1. 1to 2 tablespoons a day. You should see a change in 6 months or up to a year.

  8. Hi, I’m 27 and recording from the past year I’ve found a total of 5-6 grey hairs (2 of which had been two stranded -white then brown) I’m also consuming this product (Wholesome Organic Unsulphured Molasses) along with Catalase, Chlorophyll, and wheat grass powder, multi-vitamins and additional coper, iron, black seed oil and fish oil supplements. I’m not entirely sure if my father went grey early, but then again he didn’t really take care of himself…I’ve been stressing a lot lately. and I’m wondering if this could be the culprit for these stands? The first one I found 10 months ago was pretty long. And just recently, I’ve been finding short to medium long ones. Last month I went off some medication I’ve been taking for years and started taking Valerian Root and Ashwagandha to manage stress. I want to prevent more from happening, not necessarily reverse the hidden few I have, will this help?

    1. Yes it should but you may be overdoing it. Molasses and the herbs you are using for stress is all you need. Also, consuming non-processed foods such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains and eating clean will help lower stress and improve your health and energy levels.

      Moreover, I believe that a lot of the products we are using in our hair is the culprit also. Also, commercial hair conditioners are not need to grow healthy hair. All we need are oils and cleansers. I will be posting on my blog real soon on minimizing product usage.

  9. 4 years ago i tried black strap
    Molasses for reversing my grey hair, i’ve only few grey hair, i took 1-2 spoon everyday but my blood sugar spikes up, i am prediabetes so i took them during lunch time, but strictly no carbohydrates, i mixed it with veggie and berry smoothie, and took 2 capsules of cinnamon to control my blood sugar spikes. I consumed it for 1 month along with multi vit., and extra vit c and biotin. My hair grew fast and when i pulled one grey hair to see if its working and i was surprised it did work, i showed it to my husband. As time goes by i stopped the
    Molasses and biotin, also the multi vits. I only took them when i remember. And i regret for
    Going back to bleaching and dyeing my hair
    Every month. Now i have so
    Much grey hair 😢, so i will start to the same process again, but i will have to cleanse my roots first before doing that. So i will get back maybe in a year for another review. Hope it will work again this time.

    1. Thank you for sharing!😊 Your grey hair will reverse in no time since you understand the process.

      1. Jecinta Nderitu says:

        Am just 23 , 30% of my hair is grey , this thing lower my esteem a lot, I just hate hearing people comment about my hair please advice me on what to use

        1. Start by taking about 2 teaspoons of molasses a day in your coffee, tea or water. You should begin to see changes in 6 months to a year. I am also sharing information about using herbs to reverse greying hair in upcoming blog posts. The application process is more topical. They are applied to the hair and scalp.

  10. umair syed says:

    Hello. I’m a 36 year old male and have been taking this mostly on a daily basis for one and a half year and still haven’t noticed any difference. I have noticed my hair getting more grayer than before. I take 2 tablespoons daily on an empty stomach in the morning. I was just about to call this quit until I saw your blog. Any recommendations? Should I add another dose before bedtime? Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks

    1. Hi, it depends on how grey your hair is. The more grey hairs you have the longer it will take. A subscriber informed me that his grey hairs began reverting a little after the two year mark. This is when he began seeing darker hairs emerging and his grey hairs turning a copper color. He has dark brown hair.

      I recommend upping your dosage of molasses to 4 tablespoons. Take two in the morning then two in the evening before bed. It must be taken consistently to see results. Continue taking the molasses daily for 6 months then check for results. The greying of your hair will slow down first. Then your grey hairs will begin to reverse.

      Try mixing it with coffee in the morning or with oatmeal. It also pairs well with wheat bran or whole grain cereals.

  11. I was just wondering why I have been slower than alot of people to go grey. I still have alot of colour in my hair and my family all went grey younger than me. I have always had Black Strap in the cupboard and take it periodically. But also I always have brown sugar in my coffee and they are connected.

    1. Yes, blackstrap molasses can slow or stop the grey process if taken periodically or used in the preparation of food or as a sugar replacement. A popular sugar replacement that has been used by my family is cane syrup such as the Steen’s brand. It is processed similar to molasses but sweeter.

  12. Hari krishna says:

    Hi mam ..I took two spoons of black strap molasses for 5 months …N I noticed few grey hairs turning gold and brown …on further use will they turn black…

    1. Yes, you are in the beginning phase. Within 5 months from now, you will begin to see those gold and brown hairs will turn to a deep dark brown. Most of your grey hairs will turn to a gold and brown color at first. Then over time you will begin to see those hairs turn a deep brown color.

      1. Hari krishna says:

        Thank u mam .. Happy to hear this ……

        1. I am happy to have helped🌺 🌸

  13. Does blackstrap molasses makes our skin complexion darker ? as it increases melanin production in our body.

    1. No, it only will affect the color of your hair causing your follicles to reproduce melanin that becomes dormant in the hair strands.

      1. Is this an effective process .. did your grey hair turn black permanently ?

        1. When taking black strap molasses there is no permanent color change. You will be able to maintain your dark hair color as long as you continue to take the molasses. The longer you take the molasses the slower the greying process when you stop.

          For instance, you have greying hair and you’ve taken black strap molasses for 2 years. Now you have a headfull of dark hair. You continue to take the molasses for another 5 – 10 years than stop. Then you begin to see grey hairs showing up overtime. The occurrence of grey hairs will happen slowly. You may notice that you have less grey hairs than you had before.

  14. Hii how long will it take ? because its been two months i can see light changes in Color and em taking 20grms in morning amd 20 grams before bed

    1. It can take up to a year to see major changes depending on the percentage of grey. 100% grey about a year to begin seeing results. Less than 50% grey up to 6 months.

  15. Asha kaushal says:

    I am 60+ will mollasses will work on my hair . I am using chemical hair colour like loreal

    1. Molasses will darken your natural hair color. It must be used everytime you wash your hair to see results. Also, product buildup from commercial shampoos and conditioners will hinder results. You will see a change if used as a part of your everday hair regimen especially on wash days.

      1. I was under the impression you ingested molassas not wash your hair in it ?

        1. You will see long term results if consumed rather than used as a topical dye. Molasses or certain herbs can be used to stain the hair. If used topically on clarified shampooed hair it can stain the hair with repeated use but gives only temporary results. Molasses contains copper, iron, vital vitamins and minerals that aids in the prevention or reversal of greying hair when consumed. Furthermore, you will see a change in the health of your skin to.

  16. LUCY KAINYU says:

    Where can i get in Kenya?

      1. Hi i am using wholesome blackstrap molasses since 15 days one spoon in the morning and one at nights
        How long should i use ?

        1. It can take several months to start seeing results. Even up to one year depending on how grey your hair is. The more grey your hair is the longer it will take to see a reversal in your hair color. So far you are doing great. Soon your Grey’s will be gone.

  17. Will it darken / affect my bleached blonde hair and turn that back darker or only affects the follicles and new hair that grows in?
    Thank you!

    1. It will affect the new growth of the hair more if it has been bleached or dyed. Also, you may see slight darking of bleached hair over time.

  18. Shanthi Thirumaran says:

    Where shall I get this?

    1. or your local grocery store. There are many brands to choose from.

      1. Does it matter if it’s unsulphured or just blackstrap molasses?also does it have to be organic?

        1. Unsulphured just means that it’s not treated with sulfur oxide. It doesn’t have to be organic to get any results.

          Unsulphured molasses comes in light, dark, and blackstrap.

          Light molasses is created during the first sugar cane refining stage being sweeter in taste. In some family traditions in southern Louisiana, we use it in place of table syrup (for pancakes), and for baking. We use the “Steen” brand.

          Followed by dark molasses which go through the second refining stage. We use it when sauces such as barbecue, to flavor pork, in bean dishes, bread, and cookies. The brand “GrandMa’s Molasses” is similar to dark molasses.

          Then blackstrap which goes through the third has a very strong bitter taste. It is used interchangeably with dark molasses depending on how strong your desired flavor.

          The sulfured molasses has a strong odor and taste is treated with sulfur oxide to preserve it.

  19. Hemashyla says:

    Hi, I have one question, while consuming molasses to reverse grey hair, dyeing commercial hair dye for time being to darken the grey hairs, is consuming molasses will not work?, or we have to quite dyeing hair?

    1. You can continue dying your hair while consuming molasses.

  20. I noticed in your video you have molasses but it doesn’t say blackstrap on your bottle, but you are calling it blackstrap molasses. Is that the same thing?

    1. Blackstrap molasses comes from the third boil of the sugarcane. It has a very strong bitter flavor. Whereas unsulphured molasses (used in my video) is a bit sweeter which I preferred. The nutrients are about the same. The difference between blackstrap and unsulphered molasses is blackstrap has less sugar. Therefore it contains mineral and vitamins without the sweetness.

      1. Sushmitamandal says:

        Mam will you please say how is the health link brand? Health link organic unsulphered black strap molasses

        1. Hi, I’m not sure about the brand but it looks promising. Especially since it’s organic. It’s a good idea to try it out.

  21. I grew up in a farm and made this stuff. Taste doesn’t bother me, but I recommend it in coffee for those of you who dislike it. I live in LA and I’m sure people would line up at a coffee shop to buy it if you gave it some trendy name. Regular creamer works, but a dash of flavored creamer makes it taste like a $12 latte on Melrose.

    1. Great idea! It does taste pretty good in coffee but I never thought about adding a creamer. Thanks for sharing!??

    2. Helo iam age 40 my hair half going gray ..blackstrapmolesse can make my hair again black??? Advice mebplz

      1. Yes, it will take 1 year of taking blackstrap molasses to see results.

      2. Yes, it will take one year to see results.

        1. Hello! Some say molasses contains lead and acrylamide. Is that true?

          1. Molasses contains a very small trace amounts of lead and does not contain acrylamide
            To avoid consuming lead, purchase organic molasses.

            This is some information that I found on molasses,

            Molasses contains lead, because it is usually made from sugar cane or sugar beets that have been grown in soil that has been contaminated with lead. Since lead accumulates in the soil, traces of it can be present in molasses.

            It’s important to note that the amount of lead in molasses is normally below the safe limit set by the US Food and Drug Administration. However, excessive amounts of lead can cause serious health effects, especially in young children and pregnant women.

            Lead can affect the brain, the nervous system, and lead to anemia and kidney damage.

            For this reason, the FDA requires that all molasses products that contain more than 0.1 parts per million of lead include a warning on their labels. This is to alert consumers of the potential health risks associated with consuming too much lead.

            blackstrap molasses does not have acrylamide. Acrylamide is a carcinogen that forms when carbohydrated-rich foods are cooked at high temperatures, and it is found in food items such as French fries, potato chips, and coffee.

            Since blackstrap molasses does not typically involve cooking at high temperatures, it does not contain acrylamide. Furthermore, on the list of ingredients you will find on a typical blackstrap molasses container, acrylamide is not included.

  22. Chandra shekar says:

    Does it worked on you or are you tried this . because I also have gray hair and my age is 19 so let me try once black strap molasses

    1. Chandra shekar says:

      Which type of black strap molasses is to be used

      1. Grandma’s or Plantation are the recommendated brands.

      2. Grandma’s and Plantation brands. They are easy to find and work well.

        1. Hari krishna says:

          Mam I’m using Grandma’s black strap molasses .How much time does it take to see results

          1. About a year to start seeing results. Up to 2 years for full transformation.

      3. Any organic unsulphured blackstrap kind

    2. Yes, I’ve tried it but stopped the bitter taste was a bit much for me. I have older family members who takes it daily and their hair is dark no grey hairs. I’ve learned that you have to continue to take otherwise your hair may start turning grey. Occasional usage will slow greying.

    3. I attempted to use around the time I made this post. I know of women who have successfully taken molasses and experienced grey hair reversal. It just take time to see results.

      1. Hari krishna says:

        Wt brand did they use

        1. The brand we typically use for cooking and flavoring foods is a Louisiana brand called Steen. We add it to cereals and use it for flavoring coffee and teas. We also use cane syrup which is a sweeter version of molasses in placement of maple and regular table syrup. Web address is

          1. Hari krishna says:

            But even Grandma’s molasses works right!!

          2. Yes, Grandma’s molasses works as well.

  23. I am diabetic and not able to take the molasses. Will the pills work?

    1. I am not sure if the pills will work. Pills usually have fillers in them. Therefore the results may not be the same.

      There are other remedies for naturally reversing or coloring grey hair. I recently started using henna but amla does a great job with darkening the hair in a short time span. It is also great for strengthening the hair follicles. I will be preparing a recipe and trying it out on my husband’s greying beard. Results should be noticeable within a month. I will sharing recipes and showing pictures on CurlyChic is where I will be sharing Ayurvedic and herbal skin, hair care and remedies.

  24. i am young and not feeling good because of my white hair growing with speed and how can this molasses remove ? can it remove permanently or temporarly ? how long i have to use and how can i use it? dose it bring side effect in my body when i consume it ?

    1. Well, it can take months or even a year or two to see the effects of blackstrap molasses. There are no side effects.
      There are herbs that naturally darkness hair and prevent or reverse greying hairs. I will be sharing this information on my site. Plus Ayurvedic remedies.

      1. Glenn E Davis says:

        Will 2 tablespoons a day turn white hair back to my natural color after time?

        1. Yes, it will take time to see any results about a year or sooner depending on how much grey hair you have.

          1. Rachael Teneshi says:

            Thanks Elisah for sharing, will try rhis

          2. You are welcome ☺️

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