blackstrap molasses for grey hair

Blackstrap Molasses for Gray Hair Reversal

Blackstrap Molasses for Grey Hair Reversal

Blackstrap molasses for grey hair reversal – I decided to go grey and embrace my grey roots a while ago until I came across some valuable information that actually changed my mind. It involves blackstrap molasses that promote healthy skin and hair health.

Furthermore, I will be including blackstrap molasses as a part of the hair challenge (here).
Learn why I decided to stop using hair dyes and embrace my natural greying hair (here).

What is blackstrap molasses?

It?s the dark viscous liquid byproduct that is extracted in the third boil of sugar cane production. It has a unique blend of minerals and vitamins that are not normally found in regular cane sugar. Many of these minerals and nutrients are the reason blackstrap molasses is used for hair. It contains high amounts of iron, copper, manganese, calcium, potassium, and magnesium which are all great for healthy hair growth.


Why blackstrap molasses?

As we get older our body slows down the production of melanin that gives us our hair color. Blackstrap molasses contains vitamins and minerals that encourage the production of cell renewal, prevention of hair loss, and nourishes the follicles. Furthermore, high copper levels in blackstrap molasses stimulate melanin production which re-pigment and darken hair. Additionally, blackstrap molasses is high in antioxidants; it thickens hair and stimulates strong hair growth.??In other words, It supports healthy hair growth and reversal of greying hair.

Blackstrap has other benefits such as boosting iron levels for those who are anemic or have an iron deficiency. Moreover, it consists of calcium, magnesium, and zinc which supports skin, muscle and bone health.

How to take blackstrap molasses for grey hair

Begin by taking orally 1 to 2 tablespoons a day for one year. Because this is a natural remedy for grey hair reversal and whole body health. It will take time to see optimal results. Therefore, throughout the year we will be documenting our progress.

Molasses has a low glycemic index which works for anyone who is watching their blood sugar levels are seeking an alternative sweetener. It has a bittersweet taste but is effective as an energy booster. Great for adding to your coffee or tea! To ensure you are getting your daily dosage of blackstrap molasses there are several ways it can be consumed.

  • Add it to a smoothly
  • In coffee or tea as an alternative sweetener
  • To water
  • In oatmeal or breakfast cereal

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Have you used blackstrap molasses for hair or whole body health? Do you plan on trying blackstrap molasses for its health benefits? Also, if you have any questions or concerns share them in the comment section below.

blackstrap molasses for grey hair

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