Square Scarf Head Wrap Tutorial | 4 Easy Styles

I am starting the headwrap chronicles series with a square scarf head wrap tutorial by demonstrating how to wear a square silk scarf on head. Head wrap styles using square scarves are very easy and fun to do. Also, they are easy to style and can be done in just a few minutes.

Here I created a step by step square scarf head wrap tutorial video on youtube that you may enjoy!


Headwrap Chronicles | I Got Goals!

Square Headscarves are versatile.

Truly, I enjoy using square headscarves for headwrapping?because they are so versatile. Like in my video demonstration,?they can be styled in a variety of ways. Furthermore, the large jumbo scarves can easily cover almost any hairstyle!

The silk animal print headscarf I am using is by far my favorite headscarf for wrapping my head. The material is very soft and vibrant. Additionally, when I wear the scarf it becomes eye?candy!? It grabs a lot of attention! I wear this scarf when I am in full diva mode.

Simplify hairstyling with headwraps

A square scarf head wrap is the easiest to work with.

Squared scarves are the easiest to work with especially for beginners. Most of all, they give you full head coverage with is perfect for those with thick and/or very long hair. The best square headscarf to work with for headwraps is at least 28 x 28 inches.? The bigger the scarf the better! Especially?if you are seeking scarves that will give your?headwrap styles volume.

Part 2 of my headwrap collection haul for the winter months

If you are interested in purchasing square?headscarves you can buy them today here.

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