Finger Detangling Vs Combing

Finger Detangling Versus Combing? What?s the difference?

Today, we are going to discuss the difference between finger detangling versus combing. How combing and finger detangling can affect the growth progress of the hair. Also, the pros and cons between the two. So, here is my story. For many years like many others, I?ve used combs in my hair. But I never contemplated how much damage I may have been doing to my hair. ?This is why I?ve decided to use finger combing as my primary source to grooming my hair.

The effects of using combs for grooming.

So the question is why do we use combs for grooming our hair? ?The simple answer is that it a quick and easy method of removing tangles and shed hairs from the hair. But combing can work great if you do not use them frequently. Which really depends on how much combing your hair can take.

No matter how gentle you are with combing your hair, especially for those with fine hair type. They still can cause irreparable unseen damage to the hair. Most of all, you can not see or feel any knots when combing until it is too late! That popping sound you hear is the comb ripping through your hair. The desire to need or use a comb really depends on hairstyling and how you prefer to wear your hair.

That?s when I realized that my fine curly hair type can?t take combing. Better yet, the use of a comb is unnecessary for my hairstyle (twists). Therefore, finger detangling is best especially if my plans are to retain length.

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Why is finger detangling so great?

Why is using your fingers perfect for grooming the hair? You can easily find and safely remove knots and tangles without causing irreversible damage. Also, you can use your fingers to smooth the cuticle layers in one direction removing the shed hairs at the same time.

There is very little to no mechanical damaged being done to the hair which is one great benefit. Finally, your hair can retain length without the need of constant trimming and worry of split ends. Finger detangling is the best option when you are seeking optimum healthy hair growth.

Now the downside of finger detangling is time. Depending on how you style your hair finger detangling can be time comsuming. Taking anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more. Where as combing can take less time.

To make finger detangling less stressful use products that will give the hair some slip. Some people may prefer saturating conditioner on wet hair. I personally prefer misting aloe vera on my dry strands follow by my oil of choice. This method works best for me.?

But for those of us who prefer to style our hair in twists or braids finger detangling is a blessing. Since our hair is already sectioned off into individual braids or twists. We can groom our hair over a period of time instead of completing an entire head of head in one day. Also, weekly grooming is unnessary, our hair detangling sessions can take place when we are ready. Grooming is not set on a particular time or day.

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Finger detangling vs combing? So, which do you prefer?

Leave your answers in the comment section below.

Happy Styling!


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