head wrap collection haul

Head Wrap Collection Haul

Hi, Everyone

Today, I am sharing my head wrap collection haul! Recently, I?ve realized that if headwrap is going to become a part of my lifestyle I need more scarves! Well, I have a few but missing solid colors and more variety. In the beginning, my idea of wrapping my hair was for bad hair days or if I just wanted a change in appearance. However, in order for head wrapping to become effective, I need to wrap on a regular basis. Therefore, my focus is going to be on building my collection. But first I am sharing what I currently have in storage.

My Head Wrap Collection

As you can see, my head wrap collection consists of mainly summer tones. ?Most of them are lightweight and comfortable for the warm summer months. Now, my goal is to build a color pallet of headscarves that will work interchangeably for all seasons. Especially for the cooler fall and winter months. I definitely need about two or three to heavier weight headscarves.

In the past, I didn’t bother with head wraps during the winter because I wore knitted hats most of the time. Also, head wrapping was more of an afterthought or better yet a past time. After?thinking about how am going to approach my future with head wrapping.? I believe it’about time to begin building my?head wrap collection.


What’s Next

I’m working on my collection as we speak and look forward to showing you all my purchases as soon as I am done. It’s just a few scarves I picked up and purchased here and there. I hope you all will adore them and maybe enjoy the art of head wrapping also. I believe that head wrapping is also an art form that should the celebrated on the regular. You don’t understand how head wrapping will build that sense of extra confidence when you?walk out the door!

Head wrapping should be celebrated and enjoyed by all cultures!



Head Wrap Collection Haul






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