Beginner's Guide To Head Wraps

Beginner’s Guide To Head Wraps

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to head wraps ! When developing an interest in head wrapping the first thing we want to know how to start. Before you go shopping for headscarves. Think about why you are interested in head wrapping. Are you head wrapping for those bad hair days, lifestyle choice, fashion statement or modesty? Once you’ve figured out why you want to wear head wraps. Follow these simple steps to get started.

Beginner's Guide To Head Wraps

Shopping For Headscarves

Shopping for headscarves is fun! They come in many shapes, colors, textures, and sizes. First, I recommend buying solid colored squared satin head covering to protect your hair from of cotton fabric head wraps. Then seek headscarves with quality fabric if you want them to last. Oh’ one more thing, the climate. When shopping for scarves buy heavier scarves for the winter months and lighter scarves in the warmer months. There are wonderful no-slip headbands created for those who are concerned about their scarves slipping from the heads. Also, volumizers are available if you have little to no hair and want the look of having a lot of hair underneath.


Keep head wrap styles at a minimum at first.Beginner's Guide To Head Wraps

Once you’ve purchased your headwraps and essentials next step is styling. I highly recommend keeping your wrap simple to two or three styles. After you’ve mastered those styles, next experiment with one or two more! Your options are endless! Most of all, have fun!

Where to can you?buy headwraps?

Head wrapping is simply using scarves to cover the hair. There are many places where scarves can be purchased such as eBay,, or most fashion and accessories stores. Generally, I recommend shopping at your local clothing store at first to get an idea of the texture and quality of the scarves you plan to purchase. The last thing you want is to do is purchase summer instead of winter headscarves.

Above all have fun! Headwrapping is an enjoyable experience!


Beginner's Guide To Head Wraps



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