IQhiya Headwrap

iQhiya Headwrap

The iQhiya headwrap is traditionally worn by married Xhosa women. In Xhosa culture an iQhiya is worn as a sign of respect to their fathers and husbands. Moreover, Xhosa women occasionally wear Santulo which complements and add volume to the headdress. Their headwraps, accessories and clothing are usually adorned with beadwork emphasizing the different stages of life. Xhosa people are indigenous to South Africa and the headwrap is now commonly known as a doek.

Traditional Xhosa Headwrap and Attire

IQhiya headwrap

Beautiful Xhosa wedding photos taken by Ayesha van Staaden


IQhiya headwrap

Gorgeous Xhosa Woman. Learn more about Xhosa culture?here


Traditional Xhosa Inspired Makeup Video.

Mhlanga is a South African beauty and lifestyle blogger sharing 5 easy doek (headwrap) styles anyone can do.

What is your favorite headwrap style? What do you think about Xhosa women? Would you consider incorporating headwraping into your lifestyle?


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