Hydrate Natural Hair

Easy ways hydrate natural hair and keep your dry hair moisturized for healthy hair growth. 

Hydrate Natural Hair – After years of trying different hairstyles, haircare regimens, and products. I decided to take a more minimalistic approach to keep my hair soft and moist. Keeping my natural hair hydrated is crucial to achieving healthy hair growth. Over the past couple of weeks, I noticed a change in how my hair looks and feels! 

First, my hair is very soft to the touch. Moreover, I am losing less hair during detangling, and my curls are holding on to moisture. Right now, my go-to hairstyle is “wash and wear” hair, along with occasionally braiding my hair. As soon as my hair reaches total hydration, I will start using only oils to replace conditioners. Here I will share a few tips that I learned that would keep your natural hair hydrated.


Best hairstyles that will keep your hair moisturized.

  • Braided hair – Keeping your hair in a braided hairstyle will aid in keeping your hair moisturized for a prolonged period. Also, it will protect your hair from environmental damage.
  • Wash and Wear Hair – A simple, low-maintenance hairstyle known as a wash and go. The key is to keep it moisturized through frequent hairwashing, especially for those of us with dry hair types. 
  • Two Strand Twists – This is a protective hairstyle that will stretch your hair and keep knots and tangles at bay. Regular maintenance is essential if you want your hair to continue to look great. 

Coconut Oil For Dry Hair

How to moisturize natural hair between washes.

Regular moisturizing is essential for healthy hair growth, which was my main downfall. I was moisturizing my hair, but not as frequently as I should. What I’ve learned is a part of healthy natural hair growth is moisture retention. In other words, your focus should be moisturizing dry natural hair at least twice a week if you choose to wear your hair loosely styled.

Otherwise, if you decide on long-term protective stylings such as twists or braids, moisturizing oils will help your hair retain water.

  1. Water is the first key to maintaining healthy moisturized hair.
  2. The second is using oils to retain that moisture.
  3. Third is minimalizing the use of products that will contribute to product build-up
  4. Fourth is reseting the hair by thoroghly cleansing it. The hair washing (cleansing) frequency depends on the hair products you use regularly. 

– Always hydrate natural hair.

Hydrate Natural Hair

Key Essential Products To Keep Natural Hair Moisturized

  • A Good Cleansing Shampoo – Your hair needs to be adequately clean for all of your other hair products to work. Meaning all product build-up in the hair needs to be washed away. You will know if you have a good cleansing shampoo if your curl pattern begins to clump and shine during the cleansing process. 
  • Hair Conditioner – You can bypass the deep conditioner if you have an excellent moisturizing rinse-out conditioner or use oils. Your hair should feel soft and silky at first application. Furthermore, detangling should be a breeze without losing much hair. 

Hydrate natural hair by deep conditioning your hair with oils or conditioner is a must after any treatment that can be drying, such as henna, hair coloring, perming, or protein treatments.

Hairstyler – is what will lock your curls or hairstyle in place, which includes hair gels, puddings, and creams. A hairstyler product is not essential for twisted, braided, or wash and wear hairstyles. But they are helpful products if you wish to prolong the look. Please be sure that they do not include any drying agents such as drying alcohol or sodium.

Sealer: A Sealer is the most critical component to keeping your hair moisturized. You want to choose something with a thick consistency such as olive oil, castor oil, silicon blend, hair butter such as shea, a hair balm, or hairdressing. 

Good Hair Day | How To Get Healthy Natural Hair

Loving How My Curls Is Coming Together. – Hydrate Natural Hair.

My curls are coming together since I’ve incorporated moisturizing as a part of my everyday hair regimen. The back of my hair is the curliest, where my curl pattern hangs loosely, followed by the sides of my hair, then the top. The top of my hair needs more patience and work. However, my curls are slowly beginning to find each other. That’s why hydrate natural hair is so important.

My next step is using only oils and herbs as a replacement for conditioners to hydrate natural hair. I am taking a completely natural, minimalistic approach to hair care.

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Hydrate Natural Hair

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