Mini twists promotes healthy hair growth

Mini Twist Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

There are several reasons why mini twists promotes healthy hair growth. First of all, mini twists is considered a protective hair style. Furthermore, your individual hair strands are more susceptible to damage and breakage if left in its loose state. ?Mini twists is a low manipulation hairstyle which can be style in many different ways. Lastly, combs is no longer needed when styling hair.?Lets take a deeper look into why mini twists promotes healthy hair growth.

Why Mini twists are considered a protective hairstyle

A protective hairstyle is a style in which the hair is not worn loose. With mini twists each individual strand of hair is protected in a rope like setting. The length of the hair is not exposed to sun, wind, heat and constant manipulation. ?Because the hair strands are held in a rope like setting. The hair holds on to moisture for longer periods of time resisting breakage.

With mini twists hairstyle, damaged hair and breakage is greatly minimized.

Hair is protected from the elements when styled in mini twists.?Such as, wind, humidity, sun which can catapult damage if the hair is left in its loose state. Also, heat styling tools blow dryers and flat irons will no longer be needed. Since they have the tendency to destroy the hairs cuticles if used repeatedly over time.

How to give your natural hair a break with mini twists

You can style your hair without tangling or breakage

Also, with two strand twists or mini twists your hair can easily be manipulated and styled. ?Many styling options can be used which includes roller sets or updo hairstyles.

Why your hair wont grow? The growth plateau

You will no longer need to comb your hair

Mini Twists are considered a get up and go hairstyle! All you have to do is tidy up your hair a bit and go. ?Even washing your hair will become less time consuming!

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Here In this video I explain why mini twists promotes healthy hair growth

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