Starting mini twists

Starting Mini Twists As A Lifestyle

I?m starting mini twists as a lifestyle, here?s why? I?ve had many setbacks with maintaining my natural hair over the years. No matter how I styled my hair I?ve always become frustrated with it. Always dealing with bad hair days which leads to consistent manipulation of my hair. Which can lead to damaged ends and breakage. Also, lets include those long hair washing days and failed hairstyles that can become exhausting. What I always needed was a simple carefree hairstyle. Mini twists is the answer to all my hair care problems!

For those of us who lives an active lifestyle

I spend more time on my feet that I do sitting down. If I am not at home doing chores around the house . I?m riding my bike or taking long nature walks. Furthermore, I spend quite a bit of time at my local fitness center participating in workout activities and swimming. Because my hair is styled in mini twist, water, wind and sun will not affect my hair since it is always in a protected state.

Styling hair becomes less time consuming.

Just imagine having 3 young females in your home including yourself. Now,that is a lot of hair to do on a daily basis which can become an weekly event. That?s my life. Moreover, styling my hair alone can become pretty frustrating especially if I?m in a rush. So, thanks to mini twists I have true get up and hairstyle that works for me and my family.

How to do two strand twists

Mini Twists, the remedy to all your natural hair problems.

Mini Twists can alleviate all of your natural hair woes. First, you will need to build a solid simple hair care routine. I will guide you into having better hair days in my up in coming post so stay tuned.

How to do two strand twists on 4C hair?


In this video, I explain why you should include mini twist into your lifestyle.

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