2019 Natural Hair Goals

2019 Natural Hair Goals (Part2)

It has been a little over a while since I’ve made post about my 2019 Hair Goals. Therefore, I am sharing my 2019 Natural Hair Goals and including information about my nail growth. Also, I want to start documenting where I am with my grey hair for future reference. This way I will have something to compare to later on this year. So, let me further elaborate what’s going on with my hair.

Oh, My Greying Hair!

My grey hairs are sprouting and are very visible compared to my color treated hair. Therefore, to strengthen and attempt to reverse my graying hair I’ve turned to natural home remedies. These remedies include rosemary tea and blackstrap molasses. In the meantime, I have high hopes for great results because I have no intentions to color my hair at all.

2019 Natural Hair Goals
February 2019 Picture of my grey hairs.

Natural Grey Hair | Going Grey Gracefully


Staying On Track With My Hair Regimen.

Length Check January | Length Retention Challenge

I am changing my hair regimen up a bit. My goal is to grow my hair to longer lengths by reducing hair manipulation and any signs of breakage. I will be sharing more details about this in future posts. Besides, spring and summer are right around the corner!

Of course, head wraps are a primary part of my hair care regimen.

Simplifying Hairstyling With Head Wraps

My Nails Are Growing Y’all!

Yes! My nails are growing! I’ve lasted an entire month without biting my nails. Also, they are the longest they’ve ever been in many years. I can’t wait to see my nails length two months from now. I began with a nail growth challenge in which you can learn more about it here. Furthermore, I will share more details about my nails and products that I used in the next upcoming post.

February 2019 Picture Of My Nails
2019 Natural Hair Goals
January 2019 Picture Of My Nails

So what’s your current hair experience thus far? Please share your details in the comment section below.

Until Next Post, Stay Tuned

2019 Natural Hair Goals

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  1. Hi I just found out about black strap molasses, I will be following your progress to as you have a jump on it😊

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