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Permanent Hair Dye For Grey Hair  | I?m Back To Red

Today?s topic is about understanding permanent hair dye for grey hair. Furthermore, as you can see, I?ve recently dyed my natural hair. I?m back to my favorite red hair color. Simply because I want to have fun experimenting with color! Most of all, I have an affinity to red color tones. I provided more detail my interest in dying my hair here.

My Hesitation To Using Permanent Hair Dyes.

For many years I was hesitant to use permanent hair dyes to color my hair. Mainly because I was concerned about damaging my hair strands. Since the use of ammonia and peroxide (or similar chemicals)  are used in the process of coloring the hair. Nowadays, permanent hair dyes are safer due to its low ammonia content. Using the dye and developer incorrectly is what makes it very damaging to the hair.


Semi-Permanent Hair Dye VS Permanent Hair Dye

Semi-permanent hair color does not last long and you don?t get the best grey coverage. Most of all, I enjoy swimming. Therefore, semi-permanent hair color just wouldn?t work for me. On a good note, if you are seeking to enhance your natural or color treated hair than semi-permanent color is the way to go.

If you want to go lighter than your natural hair color permanent hair dye is your best choice. Consequently, permanent hair dye will fade over time. This can lead to potential hair damage due to reapplying permanent hair dye to faded previously dyed hair.

Proper use of permanent hair dye will lessen your chance if irreversible damage. Once you understand what permanent hair dye is then you will have a greater understanding of how to use it.

Dying Natural Hair Red | Using Sally Beauty Supply

What Is Permanent Hair Dye?

When using permanent dye in your hair the word permanent doesn’t mean that the color stays permanently beautiful. It means that it will create a permanent chemical hair color change that you will see. In other words, your hair color will fade a bit over time. The primary damage occurs when your hair becomes over processed by reapplying permanent hair color over previously colored hair. Also, damage can occur by coloring your hair at home a dark brunette to a blonde color. Dying your hair from a dark brunette to blonde should only be done by a professional.

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Tips And Advice For Coloring Grey Hair At Home.

  • If you are less than 40% grey and interested in staying in your natural hair color range. Pick a dye that is one shade lighter than your natural hair color. If you decide to dye your hair a darker color or stay within your natural shade. The areas that were grey will eventually over time begin to stand out.
  • If you have quite a bit of gray hairs like myself along the hairline or throughout your hair and would like to color it a natural looking red. You will need to balance it out with a brown. The pigmentation of the brown color will give your hair natural red color instead of a pinkish hue. If your hair strands lack brown pigmentation you must replace it with a brown color.
  • If you choose to use semi-permanent color and have more than 20% gray hair. For optimum coverage choose neutral, warm or natural gold base colors.
  • If your natural color is a bit too dark and you would like to go a lighter color then permanent hair color will be the best choice. Just remember don?t go more than 2 shades lighter than your natural hair color. Also, if you are coloring your hair at home or seeking a more natural look.
  • If you are interested in going 4 or more shades lighter than your natural hair color but seeking a natural look. Try adding highlights to your hair or seek a professional stylist.

Hair Products I Used To Dye My Hair

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Permanent Hair Dye Grey

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  1. That’s good to know that you should only have your hair dyed to a brighter color by a professional. My wife is considering dying her hair blonde, and she is trying to decide if she wants to do it by herself or not. I should recommend that she goes to a stylist to get it done so she could get the best results.

    1. Yes, I highly recommend going to a professional if one plan to go blonde. When going blonde your not actually dyeing the hair your bleaching it. Removing melanin from the hair strand. Also, regular protein treatments is a must to strengthen and protect the hair strands. Furthermore, once dyed do root touch-up only about every 3 to 4 months. Following these tips will keep her hair strong and beautiful.

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