Dying Natural Hair Red

Dying Natural Hair Red | Using Sally Beauty Supply.

Dying my natural hair red by blending 5RR & 5G Hair Color using Sally Beauty Supply products. At first, I was hesitant to color my hair because I was concerned about hair damage and breakage. I know if I prevent over processing my hair along with the use of the right hair products. ?I can grow my hair healthy and long. Also, I have a substantial amount of gray hairs and I wanted to have fun with color.

Why I Am Experimenting With Red Hair Dye

I?ve always had an interest in experimenting with hair color. Most of all, ?I love the color red and how it looks in my hair! Therefore, I decided to use two different hair colors and mix up the color red (5RR) and brown (5G). The brown color will tone down the red a bit. Especially since I have a lot of gray hairs along my hairline. Can you imagine what my graying hairline will look like compared to the darker areas of my hair if I only use the color red? Think Pinkish Purple!

My overall hair color will be a beautiful brownish burgundy red ! I will be posting pictures of my resulting hair color in an upcoming post. Moreover, I will share more details on how I mix, apply, supplies used and share the results in future posts.

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No Longer Going Gray: Why I Am Dying My Natural Hair.

Well, I am still young and I wanted to experiment more with hair color. In the distant past, I dyed my hair with semi-permanent hair dyes & henna. Also, In the recent past, several months ago before I decided to embrace my gray strands. I dyed my hair a color that was close to the color of henna. The reason why I decided to go gray was that I was concerned about hair damage from using permanent hair dyes. Additionally, using henna regularly to cover gray hairs was to time-consuming.  

That?s when I realized that there is an easy way to dye hair with minimal to no hair damage! I understand that coloring hair using permanent hair dyes is a form of chemical processing. You can retain the health of your hair if the hair coloring process is done right.

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Hair Dyes I Am Using

5RR Medium Intense Red

5G Medium Golden Brown or 5V Medium Plum Brown

20 Developer when dying hair up to 2 shades lighter

30 Developer when dying hair 4 or more shaded lighter

When mixed with 5RR color, 5G will create natural reddish brown tones where 5V will create deep burgundy brown tones

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Dying Natural Hair Red

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