Rectangular Scarf Head Wrap

Rectangular Scarf Head Wrap Styles

Without further delay, here I am sharing my rectangular scarf head wrap tutorial! Which consists of 4 easy styles for the upcoming spring and summer months.

Furthermore, there are endless styling options when creating head wraps with scarves.


If you are new to head wrapping or have and interest in trying new styles. I?ve created a step by step head wrap tutorial to help you get started


Best Headscarf Fabrics To Use For the Warmer Months

Seek light weight fabrics when choosing a scarf for your head wrap during warmer climates. The best fabrics during these times are satin, silk or a light weight cotton. Heavy fabrics will be just too hot and overbearing.

Square Scarf Head Wrap Tutorial | 4 Easy Styles

Head Wrap Colors For Summer Fun

Bright colors such as pastels or bright white will reflect light and heat. Keeping your head cool and protecting it from sun damage. Furthermore, it is a perfect alternative to wearing a hat. Especially at the beach. Also, add style and flare with floral scarves and scarves with geometric shapes.

Most of all, have fun experimenting and trying different head wrap styles!

Out of all the headwrap styles in the above video which is your favorite style? Also, what is your favorite head covering for the summer weather? Hat or headscarves?

Leave your response in the comment section below.

Until Next Post, Stay Tuned,


Rectangular Scarf Head Wrap

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