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Good Hair Day | How To Get Healthy Natural Hair

We all want hair is soft to the touch, have a nice shine, easy to manage, free of split ends and damage. So let?s discuss what is a good hair day and how to get healthy natural hair.

Hair that is easy to comb wet or dry:

Combing the hair can lead to friction that can cause serious damage to the hair cuticles. So when the cuticles are damaged they lift up and a catch on to other strands of hair causing knots and tangles. 

Of course, combing your hair is not the only way your hair can become tangled. There are other circumstances such as hair blowing in the wind and friction from sleeping with your hair wild and free.

The combing and detangling process can be less cumbersome just by using conditioners that are created for the ease of detangling hair and by protecting the hair with a satin scarf to reduce friction.   

Rosemary Herbal Hair Tea | Natural Hair Rinse

A Good Hair Day Is free of frizz and soft to the touch:

Well, who likes super frizzy, dry, brittle, crunchy hair? Hmm, no one! 

The best way to get frizzy or dry hair under control is to use a really good conditioner (if your hair is very dry you should be deep conditioning) and topping your hair off with a good oil or butter-based product. 

Lightly oiling the hair is the icing on the cake! It will not only help your hair retain moisture, but it will also lubricate and help keep the cuticles of your hair close. 

Indigenous Native American Women Hair Care

Have a beautiful shine or sheen and full of body:?

Hey, we all want hair that has a beautiful sheen or just shines bright in the light, is full of body and soft to the touch! 

Wait a minute, you can have beautiful healthy hair!? Just implement cleansing, conditioning and applying oils to your hair care regimen then you will be on your way!

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