Rosemary Herbal Hair Tea |??The Ultimate Stimulant For Natural Hair Growth

Rosemary herbal hair tea as a natural hair rinse can be beneficial for healthy natural hair growth. This is because the rosemary herb is a well known circulatory stimulant that strengthens the scalp and draws blood to the hair follicles. Also, it is very rich in vitamins and minerals providing nutrition that produces strong, thick healthy hair.

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Rosemary Antifungal Properties for Hair Growth

Rosemary is effective at fighting infection such as ringworm including scalp irritation and dandruff. Also, it aids in the preventing flaky scalp, ?hair loss, and baldness.

Furthermore, it revitalizes hair by removing product build up leaving your hair soft and manageable.

Rosemary Herbal Hair Tea is a powerful antioxidant that reverses or prevents greying hair.

Hair turns gray due to a natural buildup of hydrogen peroxide in hair follicles, which causes oxidative stress and graying. In younger people, an enzyme called catalases breaks down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. This means lower levels of this enzyme that repairs hydrogen peroxide damage causes our hair to turn grey as we age.

Therefore, using rosemary as a natural hair rinse increases the production of catalase that assists in breaking down hydrogen peroxide into oxygen in the water. ?Reversing or preventing the signs of greying hair.

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How To Make Rosemary Herbal Hair Tea As A Natural Hair Rinse

Making this natural hair rinse will leave your hair stronger, conditioned, manageable and soft. It only requires minimal ingredients and only a few supplies.

This recipe is interchangeable. It can be adjusted to make 8 ounces (1 cup) for a hair spritz and 4 cups for a rinse.

Supplies Needed

    • A tea kettle, or pot that can hold up to 4 cups of water.
    • Rosemary – for spritz, 1 cup about 3 fresh sprigs or 1 tablespoon dried leaves. For hair rinse, 4 cups about 12 fresh sprigs or 4 tablespoons dried leaves.
    • Optional – If your hair is very frizzy, doesn?t retain moisture well or is very dry at 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to the hair rinse.
    • Boost your tea mixture properties by adding about 1 to 2 teaspoons of lavender or burdock root.
    • Distilled or purified water
    • A strainer for the pot
  • A container that can hold up to 4 cups of water for the hair rinse or a spray bottle for your spritz.

Here I?ve created a step by step video demonstrating how I make my herbal tea rinse or spritz.



  1. Place herbs in a bowl or heatproof container.
  2. ?Pour water into your tea kettle or pot and allow to boil.
  3. ?Now, pour water over herbs and let steep for 30 minutes or until completely cooled about an hour.
  4. ?Strain herbs from the liquid into a container.
  5. ?Next, pour herbal hair tea into a storage container for the hair rinse or spray bottle for the spritz.
  6. ?Add your optional apple cider vinegar and stir to combine.

How To Use Your Herbal Hair Rinse Or Spritz

Cleanse your hair with your favorite cleanser. Pour ?!/2 or 2 cups your rosemary herbal tea rinse over your hair focusing on the scalp area. (I use an applicator bottle when applying the tea to my scalp) Cover your hair with a plastic cap. Allow sitting for 30 minutes to 1 hour for the best results. To speed up the results try steaming your hair. (learn more here). Rinse herbal tea from your hair.

To leave in, repeat the rinse with the next two cups, don?t rinse out. Style hair. Enjoy!

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