Swimming With Natural Hair

Swimming Everyday With Natural Hair | Protection From Chlorine & Salt

Today?s topic is all about swimming everyday with natural hair. Also, giving our hair protection from chlorine and salt water. So, spring and summer weather is right around the corner. Therefore, I must get my natural hair ready for the beach and the pool. It?s almost time to enjoy the outdoors and have some fun!

What are the best natural hairstyles for swimming?

The two best natural hairstyles for swimming are twists and braids. The purpose of wearing these styles is to lessen potential damage to the hair strands from consistent hairstyling. Your hair strands will move as a unit instead of individually when styling. ?Hair left in its loose state while swimming will eventually lead to breakage due to regular manipulation of the hair.

Most of all, these hairstyles last and keeps the structure of our hair strands intact. In other words, your hair can be maintained for long periods of time without restyling.

2019 Hair Challenge For Healthy Natural Hair

In this video, I share complete details on swimming everyday with natural hair.


Simplify Hairstyling With Head Wraps

The simple method for retaining moisture in the hair when swimming everyday with natural hair.

First of all, avoid shampoo. Especially if your intentions are to swim frequently. The shampoo will leave your hair dry causing friction between the hair strands. This means regular intensive conditioning will be required.

To retain moisture in natural hair follow these simple steps.

  • After swimming rinse hair with fresh water. This will remove most of the chlorine and salt from the hair.
  • If your hair appears very dry apply conditioner to your hair then rinse.
  • Otherwise, while your hair is soaked with water u a light leave-in conditioner or moisturizer to the hair. (You will do this immediately after rinsing your hair with water or after rinsing with conditioner)
  • Then apply your oil or hair butter of choice and blot the excesses water from the hair with a towel or t-shirt.
  • Finally, let your hair air dry.

Protective Styling With Twists or Braids

Future series on swimming everyday with natural hair coming soon.

I will be sharing additional information with video demonstrations on how I care for my hair and my daughter’s hair after swimming everyday with natural hair.

Building a natural hair care routine should not be complicated. Your natural hair should be a joy to have and easy to maintain.

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Swimming With Natural Hair

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