6 months length check

My 6 months length check for 2019. So that I can achieve my healthy natural hair growth goals.

I am back to do my 6 months length check for 2019. So, you all can see my overall natural hair growth and health of my hair. I started a natural hair growth challenge back in January 2019. In this case, my length retention check is well overdue. I even trimmed my hair a little since then. I must say that my hair is thicker and healthier than it was six months ago.

What did I learn about my hair over the past several months since this 6 months length check 2019?

Even though my hair appears soft and conditioned my hair is not getting the moisture it needs. Which means moisture retention has to be my primary focus. Furthermore, I will continue finger detangling my hair, especially since my hair is thriving and becoming thicker.

What am I currently doing with my hair since I’ve begun the hair growth challenge?

For starters, I will implement finger detangling as a part of my everyday hair care regimen. I primarily style my hair in two-strand twists most of the time. Most of all, I include head wrapping as a part of protective styling 80% of the time. Additionally, I started using protein treatments as a part of my hair care routine since I now chemically dye my hair.

Why did I trim my hair before this 6 months length check for 2019?

My hair length is currently at 10 to 11 inches. My January hair length measured at 9 to 10 inches. Therefore, I gained about 1 inch in hair growth, even though trimmed about 2 inches since then. Now that the ends of my hair are healthy. I can focus on healthy hair growth until my next length retention check in January 2020.

What is my natural hair growth goal for 2019?

My goal is keeping my hair moisturized as much as possible and practicing protective styling. I will also continue to experiment more with head wrapping. I also have an interest in jewelry and hair accessories in which I plan on exploring soon.

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