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What Is A Pashmina Headwrap?

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I always wanted to know what is a pashmina headwrap or scarf and how can I use it? Before I go into details about the pashmina headwrap. It is important to know what is a pashmina.

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Pashmina is a fine type of cashmere wool. The textiles made from it were first woven in Kashmir. The name comes from Persian: ??????? / pa?mina, meaning “made from wool”.Pashmina came to be known as ‘cashmere’ in the West because Europeans first encountered this fiber in Kashmir. Also, the wool comes from a number of different breeds of the cashmere goat. (source)

Now that we got brief details of what a pashmina is. How can we incorporate it into a headwrap?


The Beautiful Pashmina Headwrap

The pashmina headwrap is a pashmina textile that is woven into a scarf that is usually about 2 yards long and 2 feet wide. Simply, the scarf is worn to cover the hair which makes it a headwrap.

I?ve recently purchased a beautiful black pashmina scarf not long ago. One thing I?ve noticed is that the pashmina cloth it?s a very soft comfortable fabric that fills great on the skin. Also, I?ve come to realize that the cloth does not collect much lint which is a bonus!

Furthermore, the fabric is fine but not see through and can be easily layered without creating much bulk. There is various type of pashmina scarves that range from very fine for those warm summer months to a thick wool for the cooler colder months.

Price wise pashmina headwrap is very affordable and easy to find.

Therefore, if you are seeking quality scarves to use for headwrapping I highly recommend the pashmina scarf.

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pashmina headwrap

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