Length Check January 2019

Length Check January 2019

Today I am doing a length check January 2019 and showing you all a preview of my greying hair. Just to document the current length, health, and appearance of my hair. Also, to compare it to the end of the year final results.

I will continue to do length check updates, document the health and appearance of my hair every 4 months until the end of the challenge. The hair challenge starts January 2019 and ends December 2019. Read more details about it here.

This video explains this in more details about my length check for January 2019 and grey hair reversal.



Blackstrap Molasses for Grey Hair Reversal

Reverse The Greying Process Of My Hair

Furthermore, I am attempting to reverse the graying process of my hair by taking blackstrap molasses. More information about it here. Moreover, I will be using herbs (other than henna) to tone down my grey hair strands. I will be posting more details about it soon!

Length Check January 2019

The Current Length Of My Hair

Right now, the length of my hair is about 9 to 10 inches throughout my hair. My overall goal is length retention, moisture balance and to improve the total health of my hair as much as possible.

Minimal manipulation of my hair strands is my focus to retaining length. Along with a healthy hair care regimen. This will be achieved by keeping my hair in twists, braids and the use of headwraps.

The pictures on this blog post show the current length of my hair and a view of my greying hair strands. As you can see, I am growing out the dyed hair color.

Length Check January 2019



Length Check January 2019




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  1. Ky Crawford says:

    Hey there! I LOVE the grey. I am 24 and I have one long grey/blonde strand at my hairline lol. I’m joining this challenge! I currently have in mini twists which I plan on keeping in for 6 weeks. I have a 6 month goal for my 25th birthday (June 25th 2019) I am pretty much the same length as you are maybe a bit shorter but I wanna be APL by my birthday.

    1. Welcome aboard! ?? I look forward to the next 6 months. Mini twists is my favorite hairstyle especially for the summer months! Let’s reach our hair goals! ?

    2. June 25th is right around the corner! Did you achieve any progress? I grew around 2 1/2 inches. But recently trimmed some of it away. What I realized is that my hair is much thicker now. The shorter length of my caught up with the longer lengths. Also, the hairs at the top of my head is catching up with the back and sides. As if my hair is balancing itself out. It seams as if wrapping my hair and wearing twists is working. I love to hear about your results! ???

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