Mini Twists versus wash and go

Mini Twists Versus Wash and Go

Lets talk mini twists versus wash and go. I?ve always been a huge fan of mini twists! This partly the reason who I name this blog Twists and Turbans. But once upon a time I enjoyed wearing wash and go?s. I guess it is because of its simplicity and that it is considered a low maintenance hairstyle. So I want to take a deeper look into these hairstyles and discuss which hairstyle is best.

First hairstyle is the mini twist.

I consider mini twists a protective hairstyle that is easy to maintain. One thing I love about them is that they last longer than large twists. Meaning they average two to six weeks without needing to restyle them.

My hair (mini twists) can easily be styled in updos and set on rollers after washing it. Even minimal products are used when incorporated into my everyday hair care regimen. Moreover, mini twists works well on hair that is tightly coiled since it minimizes ?breakage and damage.

Why mini twists promotes healthy hair growth??

Second is the wash and go hairstyle.

A while ago I took interest in the simplicity of the wash and go hairstyle. I decided to attempt to master and make it a primal part of my daily hairstyling. But for my curl type, this hairstyle takes a significant amount of hair products for the style to last.

Without leave-in hair products such as conditioner or gels my curls will not hold its shape very long. Resulting in major curl shrinkage, matting and excessive tangles. This hairstyle will typically last 3 to 5 days before needing to refresh or style into an updo. Weekly washing and conditioning is necessary to retain this style.

So which is better?

Well of course, I choose the mini twist hairstyle! As a very active person with a tightly coiled hair type mini twists is the best choice. Especially since I can go weeks before needing to restyle or manipulate my fine hair strands.

Better yet, curl shrinkage is controlled by the twists and less hair products is needed. More importantly, removal of shedded hair is simplified by gently unraveling each twists. Thus preventing damaged hair and breakage.


Mini twists versus wash and go. Now, which one is your favorite everyday hairstyle! ?Please post you answers in the comment section below.

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