Temporary Hair Color

Temporary Hair Color | To Highlight Color Treated & Natural Hair

I am excited to be sharing information on a temporary hair color that I plan to using! It is a clear color gloss by Clairol Professional Jazzing Hair Color. I am looking forward to trying a product that will highlight and add vibrancy to my previously colored natural hair.

Why Am I Using Jazzing Temporary Or Semi-Permanent Hair Dye?

Now, temporary or semi-permanent hair dyes are translucent hair colors that can aid in protecting previously color treated hair. By adding thickness, shine and a pigment of color to the hair strands. In other words, it helps prevent your hair color from fading and will even add richness to your natural hair color.

Furthermore, there are several Jazzing hair color shades to choose from. They will brighten up your hair color by adding vibrancy and beautiful sheen. Also even add high gloss shine to dull looking dark color hair.


How Long Does Jazzing Hair Color Last?

Temporary hair colors typically washes out in one or two shampoos. Where as semi-permanent hair colors last through 4 to 6 shampoos. The difference is that temporary hair dyes coat the hair strands. However, to make it semi-permanent heat is used so the color can slightly penetrate the hair strands. In this case, the color will last longer.

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Temporary or Semi Permanent Hair Dyes Contain No Ammonia or Peroxide.

This means the dye colors are translucent. Therefore, the dye will not  lighten or dramatically change the color of your hair. This means your hair strands will not become damaged or altered.  Nevertheless, they will add richness, shine and even highlight your previously dyed or natural hair color.

What Is Temporary Hair Dye? How Long Does It Last?

Here is a link for more information about the Jazzing Hair Color line here.

So, what products do you use to highlight your hair? Would you consider using temporary or semi-permanent hair dye to add vibrancy to your hair color?

Please leave your reply, any questions or concerns in the comment section below.

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Temporary Hair Color

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  1. How many applications do you get with one bottle?

    1. It depends on your hair type. Thick hair that it shoulder to armpit length you will get one application with one bottle. Less than shoulder length thick hair or fine hair two applications.

      I only got one application with this bottle.

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