Maintain natural hair with minimal products

Maintain Natural Hair with Minimal Products?

Do you know how to maintain natural hair with minimal products? If not, first let me tell you that using minimal hair products is best for healthy hair growth. When having hair that is prone to dryness. The first thing we do is lace our hair with products to to keep our locs moisturized. But saturating our hair strands with different hair products will do more harm than good. Making styling and maintenance more complicated that it should be. The key to retaining healthy hair is to keep it simple.

First, find a hairstyle that will work best for your lifestyle.

Before you go shopping for hair products find a hairstyle that will work best for your lifestyle. Remember our hair strands are fine and delicate. Therefore, too much manipulation, styling, and combing can eventually lead to breakage. If you are having assumed slow dormant hair growth the culprit may be breakage. In this case, seek low manipulation hairstyles such as updos, braids, twists, ?twists outs, wash and gos, braid outs and Bantu knot hairstyles.

Why mini twists promote healthy hair growth.

Next, stick with ?5 hair products or less.

There is a saying less is more! Which is all so true. Find products that your hair loves and stick with it. For instance, find a shampoo that will keep your hair soft and moisturized then stick with it. Also, understand that fine hair strands do not like to be overpowered with products. Furthermore, your make alter the ph level of the hair keratin. ?This is why our hair becomes dry very quickly.

Five products you should be using in your hair are shampoo, rinse out conditioner, leave in spray moisturizer and oils or butters. Add gel for hairstyles that require a little hold.

Here are simple steps to achieving long term moisturized hair.

  1. Begin cleansing the hair with a moisturizing shampoo.
  2. Spray or rinse hair with a light moisturizing conditioner.
  3. Then seal the hair with a natural oil or butter of choice.
  4. Occasionally mist hair with a moisturizer when needed finishing with oil.


However, there are many women who have achieved long healthy hair by using minimal hair products and so can you. A great example is the Quann twins Cipriana and her twin sister TK Wonder.

Maintaining natural hair with minimal products


?Cipriana ?Quann of the website Urban Bush Babes hair regimen is very simple. Here is her regimen and products she uses in her hair here and here.

Maintain natural hair with minimum products


So, if your goal is to retain moisture within your hair strands keep your hair regimen and products simple. A simplified hair care regimen is the key to healthy hair growth.

So, what is your hair care regimen? Are you willing to maintain your natural hair with minimal hair products? Make this a challenge! ?Leave your response in the comment section below.



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