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It has been a month since I?ve quit nail biting.  I am so excited about how much my nails have grown! There is hope to grow your nails to longer lengths. Also, It only takes a month of nail growth to see an aftereffect.  As a result, I am sharing my nail growth goals and the manicure products I’ve used. Therefore, this is part 2 of my No Nail Biting Challenge Update.

What Causes Nail Biting?

To quit nail biting, first I needed to understand why I bite my nails in the first place. Here is what I’ve learned.

Nail Biting also is known as Onychophagia is considered a pathological oral habit and grooming disorder which is a chronic uncontrollable nail-biting that is destructive to fingernails and its surrounding tissue.

Nail biting is associated with anxiety because the act of chewing on nails reportedly relieves stress, tension, or boredom. People who habitually bite their nails do so when they feel, nervous, bored, lonely, or even hungry. Nail biting can also be a habit transferred from an earlier thumb or finger sucking.

No More Nail Biting | 3 Months Challenge

Nail biting usually begins in early childhood, is most common during adolescence puberty, and may continue through adulthood, although the behavior often decreases or stops with age.

My nails 1 week after I quit nail biting.

How To Quit Nail Biting.

Nail biting has always been my stress relief.  When I decided to pay closer attention to my nails, there were other reasons why I continued to bite them.

  • I never payed much attention to them.
  • My nails were not manicured.

Anxiety was not the main problem for my nail biting habit. The problem was
I never took the time to take care of my nails. Furthermore, many people experience anxiety but don?t bite their nails.

For many years, I?ve always wanted longer beautiful fingernails. For this reason, with set nail growth goals and the right manicure products in hand. I know that I will permanently quit nail biting for good.


Steps To Stop Biting Nails

There are two simple steps to quickly quit nail biting for good.

  1. First, become inspired by looking at pictures of people with long beautiful nails. Then envision your nails being long and beautiful one day. Periodically, continue to look at those pictures until you reach your nail growth goal. A good place to start is Pinerest.
  2. Next, build your manicure products and tools for home use.  The purpose of having these supplies available is so your nails are always looking and feeling its best. This will also deter your nail biting habit.
quit nail biting

Manicure Products and Tools Lists

Here are my manicure staples that always keeps my nails great condition. They are the key to my nail growth success.

Complete Manicure Products and Tools Name Lists

Nail Files – is a tool used to gently grind down and shape the edges of nails. They are often used in manicures and pedicures after the nail has been trimmed using appropriate nail clippers.

Cuticle Nail Pusher – a tool that is used to push your cuticles back and make your nail grow healthier and stronger.

Cuticle Nipper – an ideal nail tool in which the small stainless steel head is used by professionals for precision trimming of tough cuticles, ingrown nails and hangnails.

Nail Clipper –  a hand tool used to trim fingernails, toenails and hangnails.

Cuticle Scissors – small, sharp scissors that are used for trimming the dead skin around the base of a nail bed.

Tweezers – are a small tool that you use for tasks such as picking up small objects or pulling out hairs or splinters.

Nail Oil – is a moisturizing product for your nails and cuticles. Protects the nails and cuticles from trauma and improves the health of nails.

Nail Brush – a small brush designed for cleaning the fingernails and toenails.

Nail Strengthening Polish
is a polish treatment that is applied to the  fingernails or toenails to strengthen and protect the nail plates from splitting and cracking.

Cuticle Remover – a substance used to remove the cuticle from around the base of one’s nails.

Nail Polish Remover – A solvent used to remove nail polish, usually mostly acetone

I hope the information I’ve share with you all help stop your nail biting habit. If you have any questions are need assistance please let me know in the comment section below. Good luck to your nail growth success!

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