low bun head wrap

One of a kind low bun head wrap accented with jewelry. A complete head wrap tutorial.

This low bun head wrap with jewelry is one of my favorite styles that I enjoy wearing. Especially when I am running errands or going to the gym, I need to cover up my hair quickly. Moreover, I love looking stylish and fabulous!

Summer Head Wrap Style | Tutorial

I’ve created a step by step low bun head wrap tutorial for those who wish to try this style. Enjoy!


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So why style with jewelry to or headdress?

The beautiful thing about wearing jewelry or a headdress is that it highlights and brightens the facial features. Which is something I genuinely adore. Additionally, for many years, I shied away from bold jewelry or styles because it garnered a lot of attention. Now I am ready to step outside of my shell and bring out my total personality!

So get ready! The new reinvented me is coming soon! A unique me and modern style.

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low bun head wrap

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