understanding natural hair

Understanding Natural Hair | A Brief Summary

Understanding natural hair. Have you ever wondered why hair is frizzy, straight, wavy,  curly or coily? Well, here is a brief summary.

The Shape Of The Follicles

The shape of your follicles has a lot to do with your hair being curly, wavy or straight. Straight hair has circular follicles and curly hair have elliptical follicles. Also, the shape of your follicle, the distribution of disulfide bonds, and the growth of your hair strands affect the curliness of your hair. 

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Understanding Your Natural Hair 

Your hair?s cuticle contains sulfur-rich proteins like cystine. Disulfide bonds are evenly spread out over the hair shaft in straight hair. They are distributed more on one side than the other in curly hair leading to a kink or curl.

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Your Curly Hair 

Curly hair is the result of an uneven distribution of keratin that builds up beneath the curve, on the inside edge of a curled hair. Moreover, curly hair strands grow in a helix shape, you’ll see a twist (curl) in the hair strands if opposite sides of the hair grow at different rates.?

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Why Hair Becomes Frizzy?

Frizzy hair comes from how your hair absorbs water from the atmosphere. Your hair will frizz if you have hair with more disulfide bonds on one side or have hair that grows differently, like those with curly hair.? Since hair with a wave or curly pattern does not absorb water uniformly, you will have water on one side of the hair strand and less on the other causing your hair to get that uneven look called frizz.?

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