2019 Hair Challenge

2019 Hair Challenge | For Natural Healthy Hair

This 2019 Hair Challenge is going to be exciting and all about healthy hair, natural remedies, herbs and oils that will promote scalp and hair health! Besides we can?t produce healthy hair and skin if it is not well nourished.

Included in the 2019 hair challenge is blackstrap molasses which encourage healthy hair and body health. Will will discuss more on the next blog post. I will share my progress, hair remedies and more via Youtube videos that will always be shared in a future blog post. (Subscribe here)

For the most part, I?ve been consistently using headwraps for several months now and I must say it works. Headwrapping is the ultimate way of protective styling along with twists and braids! Learn more about why headwraps work as an alternative to protective styling here.

Last but not least, I’ve created a Facebook group as a place where we can share our progress and results (here).

?Now, let’s jump into the 2019 Hair Challenge! Feel free to create your own guideline and regimen or use this as an example.

First, there are key components in order for this challenge to work:

  • Keep the hair regimen simple: The primary hairstyles will be braids or twists that will be maintained for a consistent time period. Headwraps will be included in everyday routine to protect my hair from the elements. Also, keep the fingers out of the hair.
  • Photos must be included: Documentation of hair growth progress will be taken every 3 to 4 months and will include length checks.
  • Leave hairstyling that will involve constant manipulation alone: Hair will be worn in twists or braids. Tucked away under a headwrap or styled into an updo 90% of the time. Just to be sure the cuticles of the hair stay intact and for frizz prevention. I will use my fingers for detangling more than using a comb. If a comb must be used it will be seamless such wooden or buffalo horn combs.

Simplifying Hairstyling With Headwraps

Finally, I will add herbs, oils and natural remedies for the hair and body.

What is a hair challenge if you do not have homemade natural hair and body products on your shelf! ?This will be something fun to make as a part of a healthy hair regimen.

This challenge will last for 1 year from January 2019 until December 2019. The goal is to maintain a healthy head of hair, to maximize?moisture and breakage prevention.


The Hair Care Regimen


Cleanse hair when needed. Once every other week to 3 weeks works well for me. Followed by a leave-in conditioner and/or moisturizer finishing with an oil or hair butter to seal in moisture and for shine. Spritzing hair with a moisturizer in between wash days.

The hair will be protected from the environment with the use of twists, braids and/or headwraps. Wigs can also be included in this hair challenge. Also, I find that weekly deep conditioning is not necessary if you follow this hair regimen. The reason is that the hair is protected from the environment at all times. Weekly deep conditioning is a must only if your hair appears to be very dry or if you are experiencing excessive breakage.


We will check the condition of our hair and perform conditioning treatments. Since the desire is to overall hair health we will do conditioning treatments, focus on scalp health. The hair will consistently be styled in braids or twists.

The purpose of protective styles is to help the hair retain moisture plus reduce any signs of breakage. The moisturizers and conditioners will soften, help your hair retain moisture and keep the hair intact. A styler, oil or butter will help with frizz prevention and lock in moisture.

Every 4 Months

We will document our hair growth progress with photos. Starting now, will do length checks and take pictures of our hair and do a length check comparison 4 months from now. Furthermore, we will share our progress and discuss any tweaks needed to stay focus on our goals.

Protective Styling With Twists or Braids

2019 Hair Challenge Rules

  • Begin by taking photos of your hair, feel free to share with the group.
  • Next, share your regimen, the products you are using and new product find.
  • Also, wear your hair the way you want and share your progress.
  • Share your good hair day or a new technique.
  • Use the group to evaluate your regimen and to ask for help.
  • Furthermore, ?share your video links, products of choice, and resources.
  • Generally, document your progress. It?s all welcomed. ?

This 2019 hair challenge is going to be an enlightening experience so have fun!

So, become a part of the conversation! Become a part of our group (here)!

Until Next Post, Stay Tuned,




2019 Hair Challenge

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