Simple Natural Hair Regimen

My Simple Natural Hair Regimen For 2020 & Goals. Building a different hair care regimen and growing a healthier head of hair.

My Simple Natural Hair Regimen for 2020. Recently, I completely changed my hair care regimen. This is something I have been working on over the past several months. What I realized is that my past natural hair care routine was not working. I spent too much time during the week maintaining my family’s hair. I needed to make major changes to our hair regimen by using the least amount of products. Also, my goal was to cut our hair maintenance in half. Furthermore, most hair products are not needed to grow healthy hair. Unless you are into everyday hair styling and trends.

Changing My Natural Hair Care Routine.

First, I started changing my natural hair routine by eliminating hair care products. Starting with conditioners and hair stylers. I recognized that our hair is softer and moisturized when I don’t use commercial conditioners. This included organic and natural brands. Our hair thrives by using cleansers, oils, and butter. Only if our hair is feeling exceptionally dry I use pure plant-based conditioners.

My Mission To Seek The Best Regimen And Products For My Hair.

A few months ago starting November 2019 I embarked on a mission to seek the best hair routine and products for our hair. After trying various hair products from high-end brands to generic brands I was not satisfied. That’s when I decided to change things up a bit by starting from scratch. Therefore, I threw out most of our hair products and stuck with simplicity. Only a good cleanser, oils, and butter or some type of sealant is all our hair needs.

How My Hair Has Improved Since I Changed My Hair Regimen.

Since I’ve changed my hair care regimen I am beginning to see our curl pattern emerges more. Furthermore, our hair has become healthier and the density of my hair is much thicker. Along with eliminating hair products henna has also improved the total health of my hair. Another reason why I believe I don’t need a conditioner. Henna, when used on the hair, is conditioning and strengthening on its own. Also, I noticed that henna aids in my hair moisture retention.

Sharing My Natural Hair Regimen In Future Blog Post.

Therefore, I will be sharing my current natural hair regimen in future blog posts. I hope that it helps you all with your hair care goals the same way it is helping me and my family. I married a mother of 6 children, 3 girls, and 3 boys.

Finally, I can say that I am looking forward to longterm thicker healthier hair growth! Furthermore, I am excited about planning a haircare challenge in the future.

Stay safe and well, this is a great time to prepare for the upcoming months and overall future.

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