Dry Natural Hair Remedy

Dry Natural Hair Remedy is as simple as changing your hair products.

I have a dry natural hair remedy that will change all of your problems. It is as simple as changing your hair care products. Your hair care products are the reason why you are experiencing dry breaking hair. It all begins with the shampoos, conditioners, and styling aids that are stored in your bathroom cabinets. What I discovered recently is that our hair does not need all of those products just to stay soft and moisturized. They worked well when the hair is chemically treated with dyes and relaxers. For those of us who no longer chemically treat our hair those hair products are no longer needed.

Dry Natural Hair Remedy For Healthy Hair Growth Is Simple

Dry natural hair remedy is simple. All you need are three things to keep your hair soft and moisturized. A cleanser, oil or butter and henna that’s it. Henna is a bonus product used to color, condition, and strengthen hair all in one application. Furthermore, my hair cleanser of choice is saponified vegetable-based shampoo bars. Also, a great alternative to shampoo bars is liquid castile soap. The use of vegetable-based natural products will improve the health of your hair.


Why Using Vegetable-Based Natural Products For Hair Works?

First, you must understand natural chemical-free hair. Especially if you have African textured or fine hair. Natural hair keratin is still intact and is healthier than chemically treated hair. Therefore, the use of shampoos and conditioners sold in the market is not necessary. They will cause product buildup which leads to dry breaking hair. The more natural the products used in the hair the lease probability for product build-up. In other words, using natural vegetable-based products over an extended period will lead to healthy moisturized breakage free hair.

Hair Practices That I Implemented Into My Everyday Regimen.

Indigenous cultures and those who practice traditional hair care can grow thick healthy hair with very little products. In future posts, I will go into further details. These are the hair practices that I made a part of my everyday hair regimen.

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