Simplify hairstyling with Headwraps

Simplify Hairstyling With Headwraps

Today’s topic is on how I simplify hairstyling with headwraps.? The wondering thing about wearing headwraps is that it takes the stress out of my daily hair care routine.? Also,? I realized the need for daily hairstyling is unnecessary.? Actually, the headwrap takes the place of the hairstyle. All that is recommended for your hair is basic grooming such as cleansing, moisturizing and a simple hairstyle that will keep your hair tangle free.

Less Time Hair Grooming

Gone are the days of spending several hours of grooming my hair! This means I no longer need to focus on styling my hair now that my hair is covered most of the time. ?I just wash, moisturize then style my hair then I am done!? Also,? mini twist is an awesome low manipulation hairstyle. Especially, if your hair is exposed to the elements.??

Here is a post I wrote about why mini twists promote?healthy hair growth. It can also imply any style of twisted or braided hair (here).

How I Style My Hair

How I style my hair is now very simple and takes little effort to do. For a matter of fact, my twisted hairstyle protects my?hair from damage or breakage. ?My hair is usually styled in mini twists most of the time. ?As a result, my hair styled this way can be easily moisturized throughout the week and pulled back into a bun or updo without creating much tension to my hair strands.

Protecting the hair before you wrap

Next is the important step in protecting the hair before wrapping. I highly recommend covering your hair with a satin scarf or wig cap before covering your hair with any type of scarf or fabric. The rough texture of various types of fabric can cause damage to your hair strands and hairline if worn consistently over time.

This video gives complete details on how I simplify hairstyling with head wraps. I hope you enjoy it!


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So, how do you simplify hairstyling with headwraps?

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