Natural grey hair

Natural Grey Hair?

I am embracing my natural grey hair strands! In order for me to get the most healthy growth from my hair, I will have to just put the hair dyes down.? Something that I am now ready to do. Here I will share my story on why I am going grey. Plus I will give you all the valuable information on why our hair turns grey.

Why I am Going Grey

Eight years ago (October 2010) I stopped chemically straightening my hair with relaxers. Over time a few grey strands began appearing that?s when I began using henna as an alternative to hair dye on my hair. ?I?ve used henna in my hair for about 7 years in which my last henna treatment was March 2018. Henna is great natural hair dye but is a very time-consuming process.

So then I attempted to dye my hair since as the easy route to covering up my grey hair. After doing a little research on chemical hair dyes that was a bad idea. ?Right now I am all about simplifying my life. I am tired of always doing a root dye touch-ups. I want to see how healthy my hair can get in its pure natural state. Also, as get older I want my hair to be healthy and strong.

So why does our hair turn grey?

I found a great article that breaks it down.

Dr. Desmond Tobin, professor of cell biology from the University of Bradford in England, suggests that the hair follicle has a ?melanogentic clock? which slows down or stops melanocyte activity, thus decreasing the pigment our hair receives. This occurs just before the hair is preparing to fall out or shed, so the roots always look pale.

Moreover, Dr. Tobin suggests that hair turns gray because of age and genetics, in that genes regulate the exhaustion of the pigmentary potential of each individual hair follicle. This occurs at different rates in different hair follicles. For some people, it occurs rapidly, while in others it occurs slowly over several decades.

In a February 2005 Science article (Nishimura, et al.) Harvard scientists proposed that a failure of melanocyte stem cells (MSC) to maintain the production of melanocytes could cause the graying of hair. This failure of MSC maintenance may result in the breakdown of signals that produce hair color.

In 2009, scientists in Europe described how hair follicles produce small amounts of hydrogen peroxide. This chemical builds on the hair shafts, which can lead to a gradual loss of hair color. (Source)


Going Grey Gracefully

Natural grey hair is beautiful hair. If properly maintained it will grow to healthy lengths. Even highlight our most prominent facial features. Furthermore, the desire to no longer dye our hair on a regular basis adds to less needed stress in our lives. Therefore, going grey will alleviate that stress. ?For those of us who prefer hair color or identify grey hair as a sign of aging, embracing those grey strands will take time. With patience, you will come to accept that its beauty is a part of life.

Until the next post,?stay tuned.


natural grey hair

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