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Healthy Holistic Hair Care – My life journey to grow long, healthy hair using only oils, butters, and herbs.

As a part of my holistic hair care goals, I wear my hair in twists to ease maintenance and styling. My second hairstyling option is wearing my hair in braids. I’ve taken a picture of my hair worn loosely in twists for documentation and future references. My hair will be protected in a hair covering which will be worn on a daily basis.

Also, I will no longer use conditioners, shampoos, and styling aids as a part of my hair care regimen. These products cause product buildup and maybe the primary reason for scalp irritation and dandruff. Therefore, I want to see how healthy my hair can become and how much hair growth I can achieve over the coming years.

Holistic Hair Care and Head Coverings

Of course, I will continue to cover my hair with scarves and wear headwrap styles. Headcoverings will protect my hair from the elements and will help will moisture retention. Moreover, I wear head coverings for spiritual reasons and to keep negative energy out. As always, I will be keeping my hair clean by wrapping it up.

The Magic of Covering your head.

African women and the significance of a head-wrap (Dhuku)

Hoodoo the importance of head covering in spiritual work

Using Herbs and Oils for Holistic Hair Care

I will be using herbs and oils for everyday hair care maintenance and documenting my progress. I will use oils for hair softening and moisture retention. At the same time, the herbs are for cleansing, moisturizing, hair and scalp health. This documentation will take place over one year. My primary focus is hair health by eliminating dry, itchy scalp, growing a thicker head of hair, riding split ends, and reversing greying hairs. 

Does oiling hair really help make it grow faster, healthier, and thicker?

I’m preparing to live more holistically.

A holistic lifestyle is a way of clearing your mind, improving your health, and connecting to the earth. Furthermore, it involves eliminating all things that can be harmful to your state of being. One reason why my lifestyle and focus will be on living holistically.

I will begin by following these simple steps.

  • I will begin by eating cleaner foods and using herbs for skin and hair health.
  • I will focus on meditation or relaxing for at least one hour a day. Relaxation will involve taking short naps, reading books, or listening to instrumental music.
  • Finally, enjoying the outdoors by taking walks, bike riding, and spending time at local parks. Furthermore, preparing outdoor activities for my family. 

How to Start Living Holistically

My overall focus is on hair and skin health, which I will share in future blog posts. However, I will be improving other elements of holistic living as I go. 

So how do you plan on living holistically?  
Do you wear a head covering? Why?  
How do you feel about using only oils and herbs as a part of your hair care regimen?
Please leave your response in the comment section below. 

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holistic hair care
The start of my life journey – healthy holistic hair and skincare.

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