Nail Growth Goals Update

My 4 Month Nail Growth Goals Update

Today I am sharing my Nail Growth Goals month 4 update. It has been over 3 months since I began the nail biting no more challenge. Right now, I am at month 4 and still standing strong. I completely stop my nail biting habit. They are longer and stronger than ever before! The best suggestion I can give to anyone who wants to stop nail biting is to start taking care of them by building a nail care regimen. Now, your focus will be diverted to caring for your nails than biting them. In order to see results, in the beginning, your nail care regimen must be very simple and easy to follow. More on staple nail products you must have and information that will help you stop nail biting here and here

I got my nail biting habit out of the way next is nail breakage prevention.

Lately, one issue I?ve been struggling with is nail breakage and splitting. This has been leading to some nails growing longer than others. The fingers that are utilized the most split and breaks more than the others. I am currently using nail hardeners and oiling them which works up to a certain degree. I wrote a post about that here.? However, my nails need more levels of protection to remedy the breakage I am having. I am currently working on that and will be sharing more information in a future blog post.

The key to growing healthy long nails is being consistent with your regimen.

Another reason I am not seeing major nail growth progress is I am no being consistent with a regimen. The moment I began being more consistent with my nail regimen my nail breakage issues slowly begins to subside. During the next couple of months, my optimum goal is no nail breakage and to grow all fingernails 1 to 2 inches in length. Therefore, I will be working on nail breakage preventative measure that will help my nails thrive.

I will continue to share my nail growth goals update on a future blog post. Because I look forward to growing longer stronger healthier nails!

Watch this video for more information on my nail growth goals update!


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