My Head Wrap Style June 2019

Hey Everyone, I wanted to share a head wrap style I created for the month of June 2019. I’ve fallen in love with headwrapping and created so many styles that I wanted to start posting some of them more frequently on this blog. The styles will include headwraps for any occasions. Also, you will notice how versatile head wraps are.

Wearing head wrap and turbans you will always look your best. Whether you want to make a statement, look good at the gym, or sophisticated at work.

My Look Of The Day | June 2019

More Styles Coming Soon!

head wrap style

More Head Wrap Styles

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  1. Month of May I saw a video from Indigenous Strandz it?s titled;?how headwraps helped me to retain 40 inches of natural hair growth?or something along them lines.At the time I was searching headwraps for other reasons.I?ve done it off & on since May & I love it.I?m very highly curious to see to if me wearing headwraps constantly will truly help with hair growth and retaining length.

    1. Hi Hayley, I love headwrapping and I have been doing it for sometime now. I became more serious with wrapping since September. I wear my hair wrapped more than I wear out. Indigenous Strands showed up on my radar months ago. Her hair is beautiful! ??

      Head wraps works for hair growth because it protects the hair from the environment (sun, wind and rain). Furthermore, It helps your hair retain moisture. Future blog post will be about head wrap styling, hair moisture retention nail care and how to properly dye hair without damaging it.

      You are going to love it! ?????

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