henna mix for natural hair

Henna mix for robust natural hair color along with healthier conditioned hair.

A henna mix for natural hair begins with using the best grade of henna along with the right ingredients. Your hair will become a robust auburn color. Along with healthier conditioned hair if henna is mixed correctly before application. This means your hair will retain a proper moisture balance stopping the signs of breakage. In this post, we are going to focus on what to look for in quality henna. Also, getting the best henna stain for your hair.

What To Look For In The Best Henna For Hair Color.

The best henna for hair color will have these essential qualities: 

1. Henna should have high natural dye content.

  • The leaves will contain close to 3% of the Lawsone. (Red-orange dye found in henna leaves)

2) It will be finely ground, sifted, and cleaned

  •  Dirt and Twigs are removed. The leaves are milled and sifted several times. This will make henna easy to rinse out of the hair.

3) It contains only dried henna leaves. 

  • The best henna only contains 100% pure henna. Beware – additives are frequently not listed on the henna bags. Since it is considered a herb, the importers from other countries are not required to label packages. This is according to FDA guidelines. 

As always, the best henna is sent to an independent laboratory and is tested for quality. 

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Henna Ingredients For Hair Growth. 

When creating a henna mix for natural hair, there are several ingredients (acidic solutions) you can use to dye hair red. They are, but not limited, to lemon juice, orange juice, apple cider vinegar, and cranberry juice. All are great choices if you are seeking dye release from the henna plant. Lemon and orange juice give exceptional results if using for body art. However, the ph of these acidic solutions is very low (at about 2 ph). As a consequence, they will leave your hair feeling very dry. 

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The Best Ingredient To Mix With Henna For Natural Hair.

The best ingredient for henna is Cream Of Tartar, which is derived from grapes. Highly recommended if you are seeking deep auburn hair tones or want optimum hair colors. Furthermore, it has the best ph level at 5, which is similar to our hair.

In this video, I demonstrate how to mix henna for optimum natural hair results.


Achieving Permanent Henna Hair Color.

The henna must be mixed with a mildly acidic solution to achieve permanent hair color. Otherwise, the lawsone molecules that strengthen and dye the hair will not bind to the keratin fibers. Moreover, the dye color will fade over time. Mixing henna with an acidic solution (such as cream of tartar), causes lawsone molecule in henna leaves to bind the keratin of your hair. Resulting in a final hair color that does not fade if applied to clean freshly washed hair. 

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How To Mix Henna For Natural Hair

When mixing henna for natural hair, the henna application’s final results should be a deep auburn color or highlights. You only need three ingredients to see superb results.

Ingredients Needed –

Henna- 100% Pure with no other ingredients mix in it.

Acidic Solution – Such as cream of tartar, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar. Cream of tartar has a ph level of 5 and will give you the best results for hair application.

Water – Use purified or distilled. Tap water contains ingredients that may inhibit dye results or functions of henna.


Mix one teaspoon of acidic solution into 100 grams of henna until thoroughly mixed. Next, pour your water into the henna mixture then mix until it reaches a mash potato consistency. (The thicker the henna paste, the better the dye uptake) . Now, cover your henna with saran wrap then let it sit for 8 to 12 hours. This allows enough time for dye release. You will notice that your henna is ready when you see some of the dark red dye around the edge of your bowl.

You can now begin applying the henna to your hair or distribute it into ice cube trays and freeze until it is ready to use at a later date. Henna is useful in the freezer for up to 6 months.

How To Apply Henna To Hair

Section your hair into 4 to 6 sections. Working in small 1 inch sections, apply the henna starting at the roots working it to the ends of your hair. Continue this process until the henna is fully distributed throughout your hair. Cover your hair with a plastic cap or saran wrap and let it sit for 4 to 6 hours. (You can speed up the process by sitting under a hairdryer for 1 to 2 hours.) When done, rinse the hair removing the henna under running water. Then shampoo to remove any existing residue. Finally, condition your hair then style. 

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How Much Henna To Use According To The Length Of Your Hair

  • 100g will dye short hair or cover up to one inch of new growth for root touch up.
  • 200g will dye shoulder length straight hair.
  • 300g will dye bra strap length straight hair.
  • 500g will dye waist-length hair. 

Best Brand Of Henna For Natural Hair.

Ancient Sunrise  Rajasthani Twilight is the brand I use. They test all of their hennas in an independent laboratory, and they are all 100% pure. 

Do you use henna for hair?

How do you mix your henna?

If you tried the above henna mix and applied it to your hair, what are the results?

Please share in the comment section below.

If you have any questions or concerns, I will be happy to assist you. 

Until Next Post, Stay Tuned!

Ellisha XOXO

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  1. Teresa A Oberg says:

    After I gave up coloring my hair, I went totally gray for years until two years ago, when I started doing a henna day once every few months. I have naturally brown-black hair so just the act of adding indigo to the henna the next day (equal parts so I mix less henna). The very act of adding indigo readjusts the pH, so adding just water is just fine to both powders. I tried adding essential oils to cut down the aroma, but found that the essential oils actually were more obnoxious (approved list). I also wanted to add that you can also do your eyebrows if necessary, you just put a piece of plastic wrap across your eyebrows and this keeps your solution moist during the process. I used to be a hairdresser, so I can vouch for the safety of everything I added.

    1. Hi Teresa, Thank you for sharing your insight!
      Concerning the smell of henna. Try adding a little ground ginger or cardamom powder to your henna mix. Those two spices do a great job masking the odor of henna without irritating the scalp. Also, the aroma is very pleasant.

  2. Have you hear of Light Mountain henna for hair and if so, do you know if it is any good?

    1. Hi, I’ve stumbled upon Light Mountain Henna in the past. Today, I went to their website to review their products. I do not recommend there products simple because their products are premixed and they offer various color shades.

      I assume that they may have other ingredients mixed in with the henna boxes. The only ingredients that will change or highlight your hair color are indigo, henna and cassia obovata. To get dye release you need an acidic solution. Pre-mixing henna weakens the lawsone (red dye)content in henna over time. Therefore, your hair may not turn a deep red or true black. It is best to mix your colors and ingredients right before you are ready to it.

      In my opinion, I don’t recommend using their products. There is possibly hidden ingredients mixed in their products. Furthermore, henna, indigo and cassia obovata are natural plants. The hair color may not always come out consistent and may require additional applications to achieve the desire results

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