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Henna For Hair | How to use it properly

I?ve used henna for hair over 7 years. I am sharing my experience with using henna and how you can get the best health results.??First of all, you must understand before using henna on your hair is it has exceptional strengthening properties. Henna will thicken your hair strands and impart a glossy shine. Also, the lawsone in henna will color your hair a permanent red color that will not fade. For those with scalp related issues, henna has antifungal and antibacterial properties that will improve its health. Moreover, how you use henna is key to a healthy hair growth experience.? Also, improper use of henna will lead to excessively dry damaged hair.

Strengthening Properties Of Henna

Henna is known for its exceptional strengthening properties. Many women before the hands of times who used henna have experienced length retention and great hair growth results. ?How the lawsone works is it penetrates and reinforces the hair keratin causing the cuticle layers to lie flat. This is why the hair strands appear to look thicker, healthier and have amazing shine after a henna application.

Because henna has exceptional strengthening properties. A full head henna application should be done sparingly. This means no more than twice a year since lawsone strengthening abilities last for months. If using henna as hair color, root touch-ups are all that is needed until your next full head henna application.

No Henna Gloss Required (Video Here)?

Using henna as a commercial dye replacement.

One thing you must know is that henna tints the hair a permanent red and the color will not fade. What I mean by tinting is it will give dark hair color red highlights and will turn lighter hair tones (blond, red, light brown) different hues of red. In order for darker tones to partake henna red tones, the melanin?must be lifted with a color removing agent such as peroxide. Then replaced with the henna tones through the application process. Unlike commercial hair dyes, henna will reinforce, and strengthen the cuticles leaving it soft, conditioned and strong.

How To Properly Mix Henna For Dry Hair (Here)

Henna has antifungal and antibacterial properties

Henna is the perfect all in one treatment for those with scalp related issues. When henna is applied and left on the scalp for an hour or so. It will eradicate bacterial, microbial or fungal growth leaving behind healthy scalp and follicles. Cassia is the next best choice for those seeking scalp and follicle health without the hair color. It is similar to henna if you are seeking optimum scalp health. Also, it has conditioning and strengthening properties but unlike henna, it must be used monthly to see results.

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I’ve created a video on how to use henna to obtain great results.


Are you considering using henna? Also, if you used henna, what is your experience?

If you have any questions leave them in the comment section below.

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henna for hair

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